UpsideDown Living Bob and Christines Story

UpsideDown Living Bob and Christines Story

Posted 2016-06-28 by katrifollow

Often the best way to judge a builder is to talk to their past clients. Bob and Christine Schrader built their dream home with Rosmond Custom Homes in the beachside suburb of Sorrento. Making the most of spectacular views to Hillarys Boat Harbour was naturally at the heart of the brief.
Here’s what the Schraders said about their building journey with Rosmond Custom Homes.

Q. There is undoubtedly something very special about your location and the magical view. How important was it to capture the best of the views as well as the essence of beachside living within the design of your new home?

A. The design brief was all about maximising the views to the west and north-west, a goal we definitely achieved with a few adjustments along the way.

Q. When you started your discussions with Rosmond, your visions for the perfect house began to evolve. How comfortable were you with the design process and how it all came together?

A. We already knew what we wanted in the design and Rosmond was able to capture that for us, complete with an appealing external appearance.

Q. What advice would you give to people who are about to begin the design process for their own new home?

A. Research, research and more research. The difficult thing for people designing a home from scratch is the ability to visualise the finished product from a set of drawings – not an easy task. So endeavour to find the various elements of the home in the built environment to see and understand the size, space and scale.

Q. With a modern home that encapsulates open spaces and uninterrupted views it is important that your colour selection and product choice are in harmony with the overall design. How happy are you with the guidance offered by the specialist interior design team at Rosmond Custom Homes?

A. We knew basically what colour scheme we wanted, but our interior design specialist certainly helped put the whole package together to achieve the desired result.

Q. Now that you are living in your new home does the end result meet the vision and expectations you had when you started the project and would you recommend Rosmond Custom Homes?

A. Yes, the home is everything we had pictured in our minds. Rosmond was very accommodating throughout the process and managed to complete the build in a better than forecast timeframe. A good supervisor makes all the difference and the attitude and cooperative approach taken by the Rosmond supervisor was outstanding.

If you’re interested in building a luxury custom home, talk to us about your ideas now.

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