What Type of Fireplace to Choose When You Are Renovating

What Type of Fireplace to Choose When You Are Renovating

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So, you have decided it’s high time for some serious renovation and you want to make nice changes concerning both decor and heating. The fireplace is, in most cases, the focal point of the living-room and picking the right type, as well as the proper material and decor to go around it, can be a pretty challenging job. Redecoration of the space where you spend a lot of time is most usually done because you want to create an inspirational and glamorous space where you’ll be able to relax and feel cozy at all times. On the other hand, you are aware that you need to think about energy efficiency and all the other costs. Achieving both efficiency and attractiveness is, by all means, possible. Here’s what you should take into consideration.

Why Should You Renovate the Fireplace?

First of all, the fireplace evokes feelings of glamour, warmth and coziness in the room and enhances its aesthetic look. Upgrading the old fireplace, if you have one, saves money in the long run. In addition, renovation of the fireplace can increase the value of your home, if you ever decide to put it on sale.

What Type Should You Choose? Open Fire or Closed Gas?

Choosing the proper type of the fireplace that will perfectly fit your newly decorated living-room can be a bit tricky. You will need to decide whether you want to have an open fire or a closed gas glass-fronted type of the fireplace. Also, the type of fuel will have a great effect on both costs and the flame effect you want to achieve. Many people tend to avoid open fires as the fuel efficiency is quite low and there are high ventilation requirements. Installing glass-fronted woodburners and gas stoves within the inglenook has become quite a popular option, as it is energy efficient as well as environmentally responsible. Using a modern, glass-fronted fire or a stove is considered to be the best option by most of the heating experts, especially if you want a nice flame to look at.

Stylish Options for Your Fireplace Surround

If you have an old brick fireplace that you’re planning to renovate, you can simply - and quickly - wrap the brick in wood or tile and leave the rest of the exposed brick for the firebox. There is a wide range of styles and prices available when it comes to tiles. If you opt for a more modern look, go for metallic porcelain tile. However, if you’re more a fan of the wood, consider wood-look porcelain tile, as most woods are not recommended for use around the fireplace. Mosaic wall tile has recently become extremely popular, as there is a new style on offer, the so-called tesserae. Other interesting options for the fireplace surround may be to paint the brick or put the drywall or plaster over it.

Who Should You Hire?

If you’re planning to completely renovate the old fireplace or install the new one, then you should definitely consult an expert. Someone with plenty of experience will provide you with all the necessary design plans and give you important pieces of advice. You can hire a local gas fitting service in Sydney in order to do all the work concerning the gas, properly. Consulting an expert is literally a must when it comes to this type of work.

In the end, choosing the right fireplace will mostly depend on your budget, the type of fuel you decide to use, as well as on the aesthetics. Plan everything carefully in advance and after all the work is done, there’ll be plenty of time to relax and enjoy the coziness of your new home.


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