Decor Trends from Japan Green Interiors in Urban Spaces

Decor Trends from Japan Green Interiors in Urban Spaces

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The way of living has dramatically changed over the last couple of decades and the scientists are unanimous in a statement that we are living in the most environmentally unhealthy period in human history. The density of population in the urban spaces is strongly contributing to this state, both with increased pollution and the fact that residential areas are constantly expanding at the expense of green ones. Since there is little we can do to change it, let us concentrate on making our interiors as green as possible in every sense of the word.

General concerns

The fact that the majority of us spend around 90 percent of our everyday time in closed areas clearly says how important interior design really is for our well-being. This goes for all interior spaces alike. Although manipulating small spaces is often complicated, more limiting and generally different from dealing with large ones, there are several solutions that are equally efficient and suitable for both of them. They are the ones that will be the focus of this article.

Greenery choice

Making sure that the air you breathe is of the highest quality is one of the most important things when it comes to providing a healthy interior. As you surely remember from biology classes, there is no clean air without the help of plants. Therefore, enriching the space with several of the most beneficial plants when it comes to air purification certainly sets a good course, as long as they are treated with necessary care and attention, above all constant watering and enough sunlight.


What better way of caring for air purifying plants than making the best of natural light your urban space has? Expand the window surface or maximize their current efficiency by choosing high quality glass, getting rid of thick curtains and keeping them impeccably clean at all times. When artificial lights are concerned, dimmable LED lighting proved to be most energy efficient and at the same time producing the best type of luminosity and color temperature, both highly important when it comes to providing positive mood and stress relief, two highly sought after remedies in the modern era.

Maintaining the highest quality of air

A proper plant selection discussed a paragraph above is a great and proven manner of air purification. However, in order for it to provide constant result in providing the best possible breathing environment the humidity of air and room temperature need to be perfect, as well. Given the fact that urban areas are unimaginable without air conditioning, make sure your system is of the highest quality with reliable temperature and humidity control and that it is constantly maintained by reliable air conditioning repairs and services in Sydney .

Materials used

A choice of materials used for interior design also plays an important role in providing a green and healthy interior. Start by opting for VOC free wall paint and furniture lacquer. Next, avoid any kind of toxic materials or products. For example, opt for solid wood furniture instead of pressed would one since you will avoid the presence of formaldehyde. Instead of Rockwool or spray foam insulation opt for denim insulation or interior green walls. All in all, when deciding on interior design, always have a healthy aspect in perspective as highly as an aesthetic one.

Green interior design is all about making a personal oasis within the walls of your home, something that is becoming increasingly important in our modern times. Expanding the spirit to an office environment is an equally important step and one that could be built on the same foundation with only minor changes. This cannot be done overnight, but there is no reason why you cannot start now.

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