Adorn Each Room with a Proper Rug

Adorn Each Room with a Proper Rug

Posted 2016-06-28 by chloefollow

If you are searching for a simple and chic way to revamp your house this summer, look no more. The only thing you should do is introduce a rug into every room. Sounds easy, right? Well, not really. Not every room can be adorned with the same rug, and there are some rules about the size and the shape for each space. It’s not impossible either. With some good guidelines, you will be able to turn every room into a stylish space which will inspire admiration and happiness.


This part of the house is too often viewed as a space where people leave their shoes and hang their coats, but it can be so much more. Since it’s the first room visitors see when they get into your house (and we all know the importance of first impressions), the entryway should set the tone for all the other rooms to come. Choose deep tones and dark colors (black, dark green, brown, etc.), because it’s a high-traffic area and it is very likely that the rug will be exposed to dirt and stains very often.

Living Room

An ideal rug in an average living room should be 8' x 10' and reach the sofa legs, but by choosing different sizes, patterns and shapes, you can manipulate the visual perception. Rectangular rugs evoke a sense of formality, while round shapes create a more relaxed atmosphere. If you want to visually elongate the space, go for vertical stripes. Depending on the look you’re aiming for, you can opt for patterned bright rugs, modern color-block varieties, soft pastel shades, etc.

Dining Room

Similarly to the living room, there are certain boundaries when it comes to dining room, and they are pretty simple - the back legs of the chairs that should not go off the edge. Dining room rug should not be too big of an investment. According to professionals from Cheap rugs online , you should opt for a low-maintenance and easy to clean rug. Your best option is an all-wool piece. Be cautious with prices, but bold with colors, and create a strong contrast between a dining table and a rug.


Everyone loves having a soft landing for their legs in the morning, and that is why you should have 8' x 10' rug under your bed to allow glimpses of it on the sides.

For an even softer landing, opt for one shabby area rug on each side. A bedroom does not stand bold colors, since they are too prominent for the eyes. You should rather opt for soft and relaxing colors, like pastels, blues, greens, lavender, etc. The same rules apply to the guest room.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom can benefit from an appealing area rug that can refresh those, otherwise sterile, spaces. Give your classic bathroom a punch of color with an area rug displayed lengthwise and do a similar thing with the kitchen. You can use the still alive last year’s design trend and introduce a patterned Persian rug into the bathroom and kitchen.

Home Office

The main accent in home office is put on productivity, so do not disturb it with an eye-striking rug. Instead, opt for a low profile, short pile that enables easier movement for a standard office chair on wheels. You can add some interesting patterns to get your productivity juices flow.

Kids’ Room

Choose a durable cozy carpet that can serve as a focal point and a play mat at the same time. A 100% microfiber polyester will serve you just fine. The design should be cheerful, but also easy to clean.
If we believe there is a second half for every person on this planet, why wouldn’t we believe there is a perfect rug for each room in our house? Make your home fabulous and refreshed by using these simple guidelines, and you will see that is true.


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