How to Decorate with Tribalinspired Prints

How to Decorate with Tribalinspired Prints

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For centuries now, Africa served as an inspiration for explorers, artists and authors. Today, its magnificent serenity, sensational culture and untouched nature are inspiring many other things too, including fashion and home décor. Some of the main features of African décor are tribal motifs and prints. Due to their distinctiveness, it may seem difficult to incorporate them into your own interior design, but it is not as complicated as it might seem. We will give you a few tips how to bring a touch of Africa into your home by using tribal-inspired prints.

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Get on the Floor

One of the easiest ways to add some of that trendy African design to your room is by using carpets or area rugs. When placing the tribal rugs, you have to consider several things: the room’s color palette, the furniture and other carpets and rugs in the rum (if you have them). If the room for instance is predominantly white with modern black elements, use zebra patterns or black zig-zag prints on white background (or vice versa). On the other hand, if wooden elements are predominant, go for neutral colors, like warm browns and beige.

The Wall Fascination

Anyone can make an accent wall, but you can make a fascinating wall, by using wall stencils or wallpapers. You can do that with all four walls in the room or create a single accent wall, where you can hang various African motifs (masks, jewelry, pastoral paintings, etc.). Either way, you will add excitement to, otherwise ordinary décor. Just make sure that (especially if you are decorating all four walls) you tone down the accessories and other details in the room.

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In the Jungle’s Embrace

Have you ever wanted to be gently put to sleep by the mild winds of Africa and the calm whispers of the jungle? Well, it is possible, if you tuck yourself in some African covers and sheets. If you want an affordable and easy to change decorative elements, you can simply use bed covers, sheets, cushions, throw pillows and blankets that remind you of African prints. Everything from geometric shapes, zig-zags to animal prints is an option. When you are choosing colors consider the overall theme of the room, but focus on brown, beige, orange, burnt red and terracotta.

African View

Block the sun or allow it to enter your home by using curtains and drapes with ethnic prints. In most cases, it is recommended to use rough and heavy fabrics, such as burlap, jute and homespun, with diamonds-prints and soft geometric shapes. If you prefer a lighter, airy feel, you can use satin, hopsacking or some other simple canvas. In this case too, earthy colors are the most desirable.

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The Details

For the end, you can arrange some accessories throughout the room or the entire house to create cohesiveness and accentuate African décor. It will be enough to use framed tribal print as an accent wall art, or various ethnic print vases, tablecloths, wall clocks, lamps etc. When you find yourself stuck and with no ideas, feel free to browse through some of the African web portals for some inspirational property that will help you cheat your way to perfect interior design.

It is easy: if you cannot go to Africa, bring some of its magic into your home.


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