Top home decor tips for your children in their tweens

Top home decor tips for your children in their tweens

Posted 2014-05-23 by jennyfollow
The tween phase is the phase wherein your kids are gearing up to enter their teenage years. This is an exciting phase as they are only just beginning to explore their personality and their tastes, likes, dislikes and choices. Therefore, needless to say, there are going to be innumerable changes in their tastes as they discover the one that fits them best and thus, you need to be mentally prepared for an onslaught of ideas that keep changing as fast the weather. This is important as you look for property simply because you need to be aware of the tween mindset before you take to designing their rooms as this is the place that they will be spending a better part of their day with friends when they are not at school. Given below are some expert tips and advice to help you design your tween’s room just the way they will like it.

1. Selecting the right colour theme for the walls:

Essentially, the tween phase is where the girls have outgrown their Barbie phase and the boys, their Hot Wheels phase. You’ll find them attracted to slightly more mature objects like film and music stars. Therefore, your first instinct would be to cover their bedroom walls with the wallpapers of their favourite superstars. This is where you may go wrong. While they may be deeply influenced by them, their choices are going to change and very soon, you’ll find them worshipping another movie or music icon. Therefore, the safest bet would be to go for a wall colour that is neutral as opposed to starry wallpapers or bold hot pink or blue rooms. Instead, let them have their own corner on the wall wherein they can stick posters, magazine covers, post-its and other such things that will help them bring out their personality on a wall, which can be easily discarded when the fad is over.

Considering the bed All images used are from creative commerce section free to use and share httpquakerrose.comwpcontentuploads201309BohemianGirlsBedroomIdeasWithGlassTable.jpg

2. Considering the bed:

You may be completely satisfied with bunk beds for your kids but you need to realize that from this point on, they will be growing at lightning speed and they need a bed that can accommodate and adapt to their changing size, not to mention their maturity level. Therefore, the ideal thing to do is to essentially steer clear of any ideas of purchasing multi-coloured bunk beds when hunting property
and instead settle for a bed that is ideal for teenagers.

3. Let them select the bed spread:

They may not necessary comply with you when it comes to bed spreads as you may want to buy Barbie and hit wheels bed spreads, which may be ‘too embarrassing’ for the tweens. Therefore, let your tween make the decision about the colour of the bed spread that should go on their bed.

4. A bigger wardrobe is a must:

This stands true especially in cases of tween girls who tend to go extreme when it comes to clothing and are completely dazzled by the idea of shopping and owning clothes and accessories that make them look and feel like teenagers. Therefore, every once in a while you will find them demanding a new set of clothes even if they already have plenty. You should not, however, be alarmed as this is a passing phase and will be gone in no time. Having a larger wardrobe in neutral colours is a good idea as this too can form part of your tweens’ canvas as they go about expressing themselves and develop their personality while still exploring who they really are.

Sheila Mitchell is a real estate consultant and a freelance writer writing for various real estate journals and magazines. She has currently seen a rise in Navi Mumbai property and continues to encourage buyers to look in this particular region.


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