Preppers Dream House Aussie Edition

Preppers Dream House Aussie Edition

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In a tumultuous world of today, a disaster may strike at any moment and from any direction. The form it could take ranges from devastating asteroids and nuclear fallouts to vicious tornadoes and financial collapses. A simple math is enough to reveal the bitter odds and the level of chaos we would face in a wake of such an event. Well, some people deem this to be more than just a discomforting thought, and want to stay on the safe side no matter what.

As sure as rain

Most preppers dream of concrete bunker-style home, which can get you through even the most catastrophic of events. Indeed, what you want is a small stronghold which is able to prevent the chaos and turmoil from spilling over. The first step a prepper takes is consulting local authorities and regulation. This way, one can get a clear picture about construction requirements and potential hazards. Smaller, natural disasters like bush fires could also undermine your safety so do not let these threats fly under the radar.


Now, it is a good idea to escape the grid dependency. Having your own solar system and a battery backup in place is a blessing in case the grid goes down. However, as both measures could prove to be useless, it always pays off to have additional choices. Therefore, muse on wood stoves, propane, and other options. Just make an effort to achieve impeccable fire safety and check out the fire extinguisher chart for identifying the fire-fighter equipment. Do not neglect the fire resistant exterior finishes and ponder on some thick stucco or bricks/blocks.

When it comes to water, there is no such thing as having too much of it. Also, there is nothing wrong with hooking to the municipality as long as you have a well/storage backup and water filtration system. A true doomsday shelter features more than one way of pulling water, so see if you can harness the rain. While you are at it, note that metal “Standing Seam roof” is a sturdy solution and perfect for holding rainwater collection capabilities.

The world after tomorrow

The interior landscape of the prepper’s abode is often dominated by materials such as drywall. It is cheap and practical, and one can always pull together a “safe room” by adding sheets of bullet proofing, concrete and steel doors. Furthermore, plenty of storage space is paramount. A “ Root cellar ”, which is accessible from both the inside and the outside, is a sound choice. A hidden storage is crucial for safety in a situation when unwanted guests do come knocking: You could be facing groups of “zombies”, who want to get their hands on your stuff.

Of course, food is your prime concern here, and the goal is to avoid the sole reliance on the supermarket. Hence, a full basement is an absolute must-have, and it can serve as a shelter in cases of a strong impact or another disaster in the vicinity. Feel free to go an extra mile and build an outdoor escape tunnel, and a corridor to the garage or a shed. Remember that the lifestyle of the prepper is all about being independent and self-sufficient . If you want a thing done well, roll up the sleeves and do it yourself.


Live to tell a tale

Manmade and natural disasters loom over modern society. Alas, people are mostly oblivious to the dangers lurking in the shadows of our knowledge and perception. Consequently, the things could get pretty hectic, and you should take responsibility to guard your wellbeing. The top priorities are electrical energy, food and water supplies. Whether you want a house that operates 100% off the grid or one that can withstand a hurricane, there is a way to make it happen. Be ready for whatever Mother Nature and life decide to throw at you, and the survival will be inexorable.

Feature image: Brett and Sue Coulstock, Flickr


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