Plumbing Materials 7 Factors to Consider

Plumbing Materials 7 Factors to Consider

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House owners of today’s generation take time to educate themselves when it comes to find the right products and materials for their home. When it is the time to choose the best material for your home, you may not know where to turn, as the availability of online as well as offline resources is unlimited.

However, plumbing is necessary and hence, it is essential to choose the right drainage system for your house. There are numerous drainage options that provide hassle-free environment for the house owners. You need to understand how the piping system will be installed. If your house is affected by blocked drains, you need to contact a professional company or clear the blocked drains by using drainage rods or high-pressure water jet.

There are number plumbing materials that are readily available and can be used for different applications. In earlier days, house owners need to use torches to install pipes. The modern systems that are available these days don’t need torches or other fire hazards equipments.

The modern drainage system requires Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC), which is easy to install. Plastic is the predominant material that is used in plumbing system these days. It is easy to install these pipes compared to copper and other materials. Most of the drainage systems are expected to last for years.

Therefore, careful consideration should be given to the material. There are a number of factors that should be considered before choosing the plumbing materials:

1) Corrosive water

Problems such as corrosive water can cause damage to the system, which is made of metal. Repeated failures of the plumbing system can cause the system to last for only a couple of years. In the UK, the water is mild and is treated to avoid acidity.

To choose the right material, check the quality of water with local department or installer. You should know how the system gets affected by the quality of the plumbing materials. Certain types of pipes are corroded easily, resulting in contamination. Plumbing materials such as PEX do not tend to corrode and maintains the quality of the water.

2) Water pressure

Choose the materials that perform well under high water pressure. PVC pipes vary in thickness depending on the location they are used. Plastic products are designed for applications with high pressure.

3) Water flow

For low operating cost and better water flow, the surface of pipes should be smooth. Brass piping provides long lasting benefits that does not rust the interior and maintains the smoothness inside the pipe.

4) Characteristics of soil

If the durability of pipe is affected from inside, the reason can be soil. Excess:
  • moisture
  • rocks
  • contaminants
  • blocked drains etc. can damage the pipes.

  • 5) Heat & temperature

    There are some plumbing materials that cannot withstand high temperature. Hence, one should choose the material that tolerates high temperature. Pipes that carry hot water need to be protected so that the heat loss is nominal. Different materials with insulating properties are used to carry hot water.

    6) Sunlight

    The UV rays from the sun can deteriorate the quality of plastic pipes. A number of factors like how deep it is, where it is being installed, rate of flow etc determine the life of plastic piping. In other words, exposed pipes need a lot of attention and maintenance.

    7) Characteristics of material

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    There are different types of materials such as Copper, PVC, PEX, and CPVC etc. that are used depending upon their application. There are some other plumbing pipes that include – brass, galvanized and black.

    The ability of a pipe to take stress is evaluated on the type of application. Iron pipes are also used to carry water, but have to be under the ground.

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  • This article has been written to increase awareness in people about factors that affect plumbing materials.


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