Modern and green interiors inside shipping container homes

Modern and green interiors inside shipping container homes

Posted 2015-07-15 by Sophiefollow
The global phenomenon of making houses out of shipping containers is gaining its momentum by the hour. Reasons for this branch of architecture becoming so popular perhaps lie in the fact that the idea of constructing buildings out of shipping containers has numerous advantages. Some of them are quite obvious, while some would never cross your mind in a million years.

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First of all, it is quite economic since prices of these containers are and were always quite moderate. Second, because of their durability and safety that they offer, they are just perfect construction material. Third reason is the fact that they are eco friendly. Since these homes are built from already existent container shelters. And last but definitely not the least important feature is the fact that they are highly modifiable to suit your every need. With all of this in mind, one could with safety claim that constructing buildings out of shipping containers is a true win-win scenario.

A home that suits your needs

The evolution of container shelters, from their humble beginning as a single-purpose tool of transportation into a creative and alternative construction material, was slow but quite logical. For ages now, these container shelters were used as field hospitals or construction sites barracks and offices, or emergency housing solutions in the moments of crisis. From this point, there was only one step before someone thought of an idea to use them as a full fledged temporary housing solution.

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Since this manner of construction, exists only for a short while, it is only natural that there is a lot experimenting going on at the moment, when it comes to their decoration and equipment. Because of this, these container shelter homes offer you the essential option that any home should have the option of decorating rooms for comfort . It wouldn’t be reckless at all, for one to say that any option in decoration that you have in a traditional brick and mortar home, you also have in the shipping container home.

The choice of the follow-up equipment such as the choice of chandeliers or some other light-fixture, air-conditioning device, or even a couple of solar panels, in order to provide an alternative and renewable source of energy for your home, are all available and quite simple. Also, when it comes to the furniture, chose the combination that suits you and your style the best. It would also be a great idea to decorate your room with an area rug of your choice and preference.

A world-wide phenomenon

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There is one thing that is important to note, that is the fact that this trend of building homes from container shelters is now so globally accepted, that even some of the most incredible marvels of modern architecture are built in this manner. One of many examples for this is the famous Container House constructed by the renowned Arcgency . This construction is the perfect example of extraordinary exterior and matching interior in a single building. This incredible home is carbon-neutral, which means that it was designed to produce more energy than it consumes. It achieves this by possessing a rainwater collection system, a solar roof and permeable paving.

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Still perhaps the best example of the triumph of the interior decoration of the shipping container home is The Savannah House , with its space specially designed to make a prominent use of full-length windows which allows the flow of the large amount of natural light in. This, in combination with dark floor, gives it a modern look, thus also enabling its resident, artist Julio Garcia, to use it as a great exhibition space for his work.

It is hardly possible that there is a better way of demonstrating that the future is already here than by pointing at these homes. What this future means is not forfeiting our old way of life, but adapting it to this brave new world by preserving the essence of what we are as a culture and as species at the same time. The combination of this new material with the traditional notion of home is what this future is all about.

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