How to Sculpture Your Interior

How to Sculpture Your Interior

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Many people make the mistake of restricting stone to the exterior use, but the Stone Age is actually making a decisive comeback in the home interior. The time is right to bring the outside in and induce a positive transformation in your home. The presence of stone brings forth the natural, earthy feel, which can be accompanied by other design solutions that create the mesmerizing landscape. Stone fits in any environment and style, but one has to choose appropriate material and plan the steps right.

Beauty exposed

An exposed stone wall is one of the best ways to summon the sturdy charm in your space, so let its natural beauty full shine. The dramatic patterns of natural stone serve as a proper backdrop, together with surfaces like ceilings and floors. The variety of materials is great, and encompasses limestone , sandstone, slate, brick and coral stone. They involve low maintenance requirements, good insulation properties and high durability. Also, note that you may install natural stone to virtually any wall with the right preparation.

The newfound popularity of stone does not come as a surprise. Amazing, rich textures are a visual bliss, while eco-friendliness satisfies those designing with the nature in mind. Stone always has an interesting aura of drama around it, so you do not have to worry about your home having a heart of stone. Moreover, it is always possible to add warmth, appeal and comfort. Those who want to mute the visual impact of color, but keep the texture, can paint the stone walls in the shade of their choosing.

Carve ideas in stone

It is a good idea to muse on materials and accents that soften the robust nature of stone, most notably timber, fur, knitted poufs, throws, pillows and rugs. They should be in the spotlight when decorating the environment and delivering finishing touches. Furthermore, by using different stone shapes and sizes, you may inject playful variety into the walls. As for smaller spaces, if you want to avoid the overwhelming effect, it might be prudent to expose only part of the wall.

Try to add splashes of bright colors to the spectrum of earthy, muted tones. This will make a stone backdrop even more attractive, just do not go overboard. Also, to enhance the stunning texture of stone, use lighting to your advantage, and bear in mind that stone walls work well with architectural features such as exposed ducts and beams, making them a suitable addition to the rustic, industrial abodes. Finally, take the design efforts outside and check out the amazing concrete and stone Geostone solutions.

Areas with interesting shapes always contribute to your sculpting endeavor- exposed ceilings are always something special, forming cozy, showy alcoves. Moreover, to compliment stone walls, many people turn to wood floors. For a contemporary twist, for example, one can use medium toned hardwood floors in combination with white walls. Do not hesitate to introduce other tonal elements to the architectural material palette: The goal is to pull together a space which is unique, distinctive and inviting.

A rock solid style

Be a proper sculptor of your living environment and achieve the enthralling spectacle of stone. Let the wind of change flow throughout the house and do not neglect the single room. Set the stage with durable, striking materials and then infuse the ambience with skillful lighting, warm materials, original architectural elements and decor. Leave no stone unturned when assembling a remarkable living space, and do not miss the chance to treat yourself with a personal stone sanctuary.


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