Home Remodelling Initiatives Enhance Your Property Value

Home Remodelling Initiatives Enhance Your Property Value

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After living in the same house for 12 years, we realized that it was time to change some things around. We wanted to renovate the house – make it more modern in sensibility, and fix all those small problems we had learnt to live with. But once we figured out how much most of these renovations would cost, we almost backed away from the whole plan. What’s the point of spending so much money and changing a house that is more or less fine? What is the point of renovating the house if, in a few years, you are planning on selling it?

Do you really need to renovate?

My sister-in law would not hear about it. She had worked as a realtor forever, and she was the one we turned to whenever we had any doubts about houses. She was the one who gave us the advice that changed our lives. Ever since then, if anybody approaches us with questions about renovations, this is what we tell them.

1. There are some renovations that will make your life so much simpler and more luxurious; for instance, if you can afford a sun room, you deserve it.

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2. Some renovations can improve the quality of your house. A house that has stood for more than a decade will need regular renovations, so that the building stands strong and remains functional.

3. Many of these renovations can improve the resale value of your house. If you keep your house design updated, it will appeal to the more modern sensibilities as well.

What renovations will help?

Almost all renovations are beneficial. For instance, adding a sauna to your house would be just as good as getting a bedroom remodeled. However, there are some renovations that would increase the value of your house more than some others. Here are the home renovations that would aid you the most.

Kitchen remodel: You can live without a sun room, but you need a modern and fully-functional kitchen. The average return on getting your kitchen remodeled is 75%! In order to get the maximum return on remodeling your kitchen, you have to ensure that the remodeling remains in the mid-range. Luxury remodels have a lesser return.

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Bathroom remodel: Bathroom remodels also have an incredibly high return rate- almost 73%. The same mid-range rule applies to bathrooms as well. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms that will gain you the maximum return when you resell your house, or live in it and use it. This is why these two rooms should be the first you renovate.

Create more space: If possible, you should try knocking down a couple of walls, and creating some more space for your house. Increased square-footage would help increase the value of your house manifold. This is a tougher renovation than most others because of the work involved. You have to be very sure that you are not compromising on the structure of the house when knocking off the walls, or increasing square footage of the house.

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Floor renovation: The floor is the most durable part of the house, along with the ceiling. It usually does not require any replacement or renovation. However, you could get the tiles or the wooden panels of your floor replaced once in fifteen years or so.

A new coat of paint: This might seem like an extremely simple option, but you will not believe the number of people who forget to get their house walls painted. Changing the color of the house’s walls on the basis of what is popular right now will increase your popularity in no time at all – you will be the one with the trendy new house!

Make sure you change the exterior: This was the first thing we changed when we renovated our house. We were bored of pulling into the drive of the same old house for such a long time. We decided to add some plants, change the porch and the color of the exterior walls. The house looked brand new and we had just changed the exterior!

These are the renovations we chose to go with and we have increased the value of our house by many times. As long as you get a good contractor, and stick to the renovation plan you initially made, you will be good to go. That is why we recommend using Urban Trend Constructions. Not only are they affordable, but also outstanding in home renovation and remodeling.

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