Get Your Backyard Ready For Winter

Get Your Backyard Ready For Winter

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With colder and wetter conditions almost upon us, many Australians will be taking it slow and spending more time indoors during the winter. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep on enjoying your backyard through the cold season. With some simple preparation and changes, you can create a garden to enjoy during any season.

Clear up the garden

Autumn is the perfect time to clear your garden from grass, leaves, weeds and dead plants that accumulated over the summer. Store the dead leaves from the lawn and garden, with lawn clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, and fertiliser in a compost bin to use in your garden beds later. Also take some time to clean the patio, outdoor furniture and pathways properly to make it more beautiful and enjoyable during the winter.

Prune and trim

Pruning during the autumn month will encourage new growth and flowering later in the season and in the winter, but don’t leave it for too late in the season. Also trim any hedges to make room for sunshine and air flow, and support healthy growth.

Fix the lawn

Our lawns are often the first part of the garden that gets neglected during the winter months. Keep your lawn attractive throughout the winter by applying a quality fertiliser to it, followed by a good, ground-penetrating watering. The mild weather in autumn also makes it an ideal time to repair bare patches that formed during the harsh summer heat. You can plant runners from the edge of the garden or sow seed in the empty patches.

Plant seasonal flowers and veggies

If you plant a range of flowers, fruits and vegetables now, you can reap the benefits of your garden even during the winter time. Renew your veggie patch by removing old plants and adding compost and fertilizer. You can plant seedlings like beets, carrots, lettuce, and strawberries to harvest during the winter and spring. Some flowers can withstand the cold well and will add much needed cheer and colour to your garden during the winter time. Autumn is the perfect time for planting sweet peas, marigolds and pansies.

Create a sheltered outdoor space

Your outdoor entertaining area or patio doesn’t have to become a dead space during the winter, and you can easily turn it into a comfortable outdoor room by enclosing it with products such as patio blinds, aluminium shutters and a retractable roof system. These products are available in a wide range of styles, colours and features to suit your budget and style preferences. Warm your alfresco area up further with comfy rugs, cushions and blankets or by installing a small fire pit or fireplace.

For more ideas and advice on creating a comfortable backyard patio area during winter, speak to one of the experts at Bozzy Shade Blinds today. They specialise in manufacturing and installing a wide range of outdoor shading solutions such as patio blinds in Perth. Their products are manufactured from high quality, robust materials that can withstand the harsh Western Australian climate and can be customised to suit your outdoor area and requirements exactly.


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