Colorcode Your Wardrobe

Colorcode Your Wardrobe

Posted 2013-09-06 by Paulinefollow
How often did you find yourself rummaging through the wardrobe especially in the early morning rush? Or couldn't find the right shirt to match your pants in a jiffy?

I'm no expert in wardrobe organization but here's a sharing on the color-coding system which I've trialed on man's wardrobe and it has proven to be quite effective thus far.

Before reorganizing the wardrobe, everything was in utter disorder. Shirts and pants were all jumbled up and colors were not in order.


Separate tops and bottoms

The first step is to divide the clothing into two sections - tops and bottoms. By doing this you can quickly target for the section you want without the hassle of running through the entire closet.

Left Tops, Right Bottoms

Order by color tone

Rearrange the clothing by section in the color order from dark to light. Some people may think it's too fussy initially but it's just a matter of time and getting use to it. In fact, I find it quite easy to adapt and it has already helped to save a few precious minutes while getting ready for work. One of the advantages of this color arrangement is that you can quickly reach out to the shirt you want to wear after deciding on the color.

From dark to light

Color-code hangers

Color coding the hangers is a useful method to categorize clothes by either using hangers in different colors (depending on how many categories you want to create) or by attaching color tags on hangers in generic color.

The latter is a cheaper option if you do not want to spend more buying new hangers. Simply cut the shape a tag on different colored papers and paste them on recycled card board and you have a color tag!

Color tags

Use different colors to categorize clothing to formal wear, casual shirts, long sleeves, short sleeves, etc.

For me, I just use black and white hangers to differentiate regular and occasional clothing. White for shirts that are worn regularly and black for occasional use only.

Black and White hangers

What about you? Do you have other ways that work well for you? Feel free to share your ideas.


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