Clean Up to Sell Away

Clean Up to Sell Away

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You have finally found your dream home and you will be moving there soon. Your relocation is complete, and you have already started your new life. But what will happen to the old house? Rent or sale would be the smartest thing to do with it, unless you want to keep a house around just in case. But in most cases it is better to leave the past behind and actually why not gain from it so that you can have an even better future. You have a lot of work ahead of you, though, if you try to sell it. Your old house will become your pet project for the next few weeks or months, so get ready for a long, but, at the end, hopefully a profitable one.

Now the responsibility falls on you to make the old house as appealing as possible to any and, preferably, every potential buyer that comes across it. And to do so, cleaning up is the way to start. And by cleaning up, we mean cleaning literally everything up. Take out the sweepers, dusters, mops, cloths, brushes, cleaning products, and whatever else equipment you have, and get ready for the job. And you should not feel stressed about this. Just feel like it is time for spring cleaning!

Go wild on your house and start by dusting. Take all the cobwebs down and dust off all surfaces like shelves, counters, the insides of wardrobes and cabinets, and literally everything else you can think of. Leave no stones unturned when looking for dust, just go around the house and swipe at every corner your eyes fall upon. After that, vacuum the place up to collect all the fallen dust, and you will be done with one of the hardest parts of home cleaning.

Now get on with scrubbing. This might seem more challenging than dusting, but it is really not – the places that need scrubbing are merely the ones whose dirt you could not dust, and, supposing you had a clean home before, there should not be many of those. Windows, of course, require scrubbing either way. Spray some cleaner on them and wipe away at the panes and then the sills (yes, in this particular order), and do not forget to wipe both sides – it might seem moot to mention, but it actually is something that people often forget. After leaving your windows spotless, turn your attention to some of the things that are less obvious. Do you think you are done with the kitchen cleaning? Think again, and open the oven to see what you have missed. All the grease and grime on the inside will not take care of itself. Get some microfiber wipes and a proper cleaner, and scrub some more. After oven cleaning is done, you are half-way there. Do some carpet cleaning or send the rug to the carpet cleaners, and in the meantime, do some sofa and upholstery cleaning.

Of course, if you are not a fan of doing all this, you can simply ask for the services of a cleaning company near you. They will send their professional cleaners and maids to do a thorough house cleaning like you have never seen – well, depending on the service you pay for, that is.

Before you start all the cleaning, though, you should stop and think about the colour of the place. Think about whom it will be appealing to. If your old house is too personalised, now is the time to un-personalise it by doing a thorough paint job. The colour you should be looking for is white or light gray. These are the neutral colours which will bring along the most potential buyers. Having a stylised house means limiting the amount of customers at your door, even though you can ask for more money that way.

After painting and cleaning, it is time for organising. Do not leave your house a mess just because it is clean. Put some order to go with that cleanliness and make for a much more appealing house. And do not merely default all the furniture’s places. Find them a new place, and now you can freely experiment with the style and find something you like and you think potential buyers might like as well.

If you have a garden, work on that as well. Mow the lawn, clear up all the branches, twigs, and leaves, and why not even plant something to make it even more appealing. Also, it is always a good idea to work on the exterior as well as the interior of the house. You can repaint the outside walls in some neutral colours as well to make it look brand new. A great exterior will bring along many buyers left with a good first impression, and a great interior will basically seal the deal.

After all the house cleaning, repainting, remodelling, and gardening is done, you can contact a real estate agent and set up the house for sale. The estate agent will find the right price for you, and you can sit back and relax after all that work, in waiting for the potential buyers to start piling up. Now you can start the next chapter of your life, leaving all the old leaves behind, and with a pocketful of successful sale money to help you start it.

Article provided by Sofia Lewis

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