Throw a Great Housewarming Party

Throw a Great Housewarming Party

Posted 2013-08-30 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Celebrate your new home. That is an awesome thing.

Your abode is your sanctuary. After all isn't home where the heart really is? With a housewarming party, home can truly become a home sweet home once you're settled in, and you're ready to show off your sanctuary (including your boudior) to your new neighbours, family and friends. A housewarming celebration need not be stressful. It is up to you when you host your own housewarming party, however keep it to the first few months of living in your new pad.

Furthermore, you don't need to be living the "great australian dream" to appreciate housewarming parties, and with a bit of foresight and creativity, you can succeed at one in small spaces. There is someone one knows who has just had a circus party of 100 people in his one-bedroom apartment. Anything is possible with some planning and care. Your new home could even be a rental. No excuses, if you want to throw a great housewarming party, then go for it.

Throwing a great housewarming party is easy and enjoyable

1. The invites

If you're over the paper and cardboard, then 'evites' are still good. However, some handmade invites (if you're the creative type) are heaps of fun to put together. That way you can slip one under your neighbours door.

That all sounds great, yet what about if my home is a work in progress, you might ask?

Sure. Home ownership in particular comes with significant responsibilities, and at times home maintenance is an ongoing job. Of course, it is best to throw a housewarming party once your home has been renovated. Also, many people love to show their new kitchen, and hence a housewarming party is so suitable for this. Housewarming parties are also great to welcome in a new life if you have just moved on from an unpleasant living situation.

A cute housewarming card

2. The catering

No need to go overboard. Sushi pieces are fantastic. Canapes are great too. Finger food. Wafer biscuits and gourmet dips are fantastic, among other antipasto treats to compliment. Chocolate is also a dream. Think Lindt's Lindor Balls. When it comes to the drinks, a combination of soft drinks, alcohol and juices are fantastic. A non-alcoholic punch is also supreme.

Perfect food

3. Gift giving

Perhaps your policy might be no gifts, but rather to bring a plate. Even though gifts are not a given, people usually do bring a plate of something to share. If you're given gifts, then open them up later. All you really want (deep down) is the company of your closest buddies to celebrate your new home with you.

4. The Tour

Absolutely. What is a housewarming party if you don't show your guests around your new pad, fully decorated, organised and all. You must give them the grand tour, and to help you out even further, ensure you've cleaned ahead. Leverage can be gained with the right cleaning products to save you time while preparing your big occasion.

Feel proud of your domain

Also, weekends are the perfect time to host your own housewarming party. If you have any other ideas on what it takes to create a great housewarming party, then please share by leaving your comments where appropriate. Enjoy your new home.



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