How To Create A Great Outdoor Entertaining Area This Winter

How To Create A Great Outdoor Entertaining Area This Winter

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As the weather starts to cool, so many events are sadly brought inside. However all it takes are a few simple additions to your existing outdoor area to transform your deck into a year round entertaining area.

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So to help you get the most from the winter months, below you’ll discover exactly how to make this transformation happen.

Step 1: Weatherproof your area

The first step to entertaining outside in winter is to weatherproof your area. The best way is to install clear roll down covers around the edges of your patio or outdoor dining area.

You can get these covers from your local hardware store for only a few hundred dollars. Plus they are extremely simple to install. Alternatively you can get a professional to install your clear PVC Awnings if you’re not too much of a DIY type of person.

Step 2: Keep It Warm

As you know the biggest reason many people stop entertaining outdoors in winter is to avoid the cold.

In order to warm up your area there are 3 main choices:

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  • Electric heaters - A quality directional heater starts at only $280, with each unit able to heat 5 square meters. The benefit of electric heaters is the lack of open flame means less chance of accidental fires.
  • Gas Heaters - Outdoor gas heaters have been the choice of many homeowners for years. With the option of portable or fixed versions, gas heaters are very economical to run and produce a lot of heat.
  • Open Fires - A quality brazier with an open fire is a truly unique experience and one that provides an extra comfortable and cosy experience. By burning smoke free logs you can also avoid the constant hassles of smoke in your enclosed area.

  • Step 3: Get Rugged Up

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    No I don’t mean pile on the jumpers, but rather, an actual rug.

    Just as carpet insulates your indoor floors during winter, an outdoor rug can remove the cold floor from your patio area. This keeps the heat in and the cool out, while simultaneously providing a unique fashionable flair.

    Step 4: Blankets

    There is something special about getting wrapped up in a big, warm, fluffy blanket while sitting outside on a cold evening.

    We suggest that you opt for a woollen blanket as they breathe better and keep you warmer than cheap polyester alternatives.

    Step 5: The Right Food and Drink

    While Beers and Pizza suit summer perfectly, when the colder months roll around it's time to swap it for something a bit more hearty.

    Our favourite winter recipes include…

  • Warm Cheese Fondu with crunchy bread and white wine
  • Thick hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • Italian Minestrone soup
  • Pumpkin Soup
  • Curries
  • Or if you’re throwing a breakfast, a nice warm bowl of porridge.

  • So there you have it. By following these 5 simple tips you’ll be able to make the most of your outdoor patio area all year round.


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