How to Rethread ribbon

How to Rethread ribbon

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I absolutely love the children's hats that are available from the Cancer Council. They are stylish, come in a variety of styles and colours, suitable for both sexes and provide maximum protection from the sun. Most also have flexible sizing to grow with your little ones. This is a great feature, but also comes with the challenge of the ribbon coming loose, but never fear, I've got a great tip that'll fix this in a flash.

Ribbon that needs to be rethreaded

Simply attach a safety pin to the loose end of the ribbon. You will use the safety pin to manoeuvre the ribbon through the eyelets.

Attach a safety pin to the loose end of the ribbon

Once the safety pin is attached, ensure that the ribbon is flat, not twisted, then simply push it through the eyelets. Weave the safety pin in and out each eyelet, just like you would do when using a sewing needle.

The safety pin gives you a solid object to grab onto, which makes the rethreading process a breeze

Once the ends meet, remove the safety pin. Pull the ribbon until both loose ends are the same length.

To ensure the hat is the correct size, place it on your child's head and gently tighten until it is a snug fit. Then simply tie the ribbon in a bow to hold the sizing in place. It's that easy!

Now you have peace of mind that you're kids will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun during their next outdoor adventure.

Tie the ends in a bow and youre ready for your next outdoor adventure

You can use this handy tip for anything that needs to be re-threaded in this manner.

Do you have any handy tips you can share for re-threading anything in your house?

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