Lighten up your laundry

Lighten up your laundry

Posted 2015-06-03 by SupahAnniefollow
It's not fun and it's got to be done. However there are ways to make it easier and faster for everyone. Perhaps these tips could even make being in the laundry more appealing!

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  • Utilise hooks
  • Removable hooks (I use the ones made by 3M) come in different sizes, shapes and even colours. You can even get little ones that are clear! Make use of the walls in your laundry but putting up various hooks. A large over the door hook could be used to hold shirts that need to be ironed, another one for hangers, wash bags, plastic bags and even socks that are missing their partner.

  • Hang a retractable clothes line
  • To be able to use all the space attach high up (be sure you can reach it though) from one wall of the laundry to the opposite wall. Put some pegs ready to go on it and you now have the perfect place to hang your underwear and delicates in privacy to dry.

  • Containers or baskets
  • One of the best decisions I have ever made was to put large tall drawers on wheels in my laundry. I have five drawers, each with a different label to separate the washing into more manageable sections. For example- sheets, towels, underwear, socks, whites. It make washing so much easier and faster. Simply use some drawers or containers that stack. Perhaps you could even purchase them second hand or a friend or family member may have some they no longer want or need. Some people use a different container for each family member or laundry baskets for each person to fold their own clean clothes and then put away.

  • Create a missing socks board
  • Even if this is just a hook you can hold onto one while you try to find its partner. Remember that will be a much easier task if you have them in different sections as mentioned above. If in time the partner doesn't show up put the sock on your hand and use as a duster. It works really well and you can get into tight spaces without moving everything.

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  • Have organised wash bags
  • Wash bags can be found at grocery stores and department stores and they come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Have one to wash your underwear in, one for socks, one for children's clothes, ones for delicate clothes etc. These can then be put into a wash with other things saving you time, effort and money. Say you want to wash some socks and towels you can put the socks into a wash bag and the towels won't make them all fluffy.

  • Hang some artwork
  • Brighten up the room by adding some pictures, photos or artwork to the walls. Perhaps frame a colourful picture your child made for you?

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  • Add curtains
  • Hanging some curtains upon your laundry window can also brighten up the area and allow you to control how much sun comes in.

  • Add a cleaning roster
  • Type or write up your own tasks and cleaning chart for the home, the laundry is the perfect place to hang it. Make it colourful and easy to read.


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