5 Simple Ways to Freshen Up any Home

5 Simple Ways to Freshen Up any Home

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Enjoy the homely experience

Great smelling fragrances, and other home friendly devices all assist towards a fresh and pleasant home to live in, and a home that you feel proud having visitors in. It does not have to cost the earth to freshen up your home, and give it a bit more life.


Having candles in the home is bliss. Not only do candles put you into a feel good, relaxing frame of mind, they (if scented and of high quality) also freshen up and liven up any living space, from the living room to the bathroom. Soy based candles are fantastic, regardless as to whether or not such candles enjoy a fruity or fragrant scent.

Quality candles in the home

2. Plants

If you're into feng shui, you might already be reaping the benefits of having a bamboo plant (or two of them) in your home. These lucky plants are perfect indoor. They are great for any desk if you operate a home office from home, and are also great in the living room. They last about a couple of years, and you only need to water then once a week, or less frequently, depending on the plant. They come out in abundance at Chinese New Year Festivals. Otherwise, for busy people, the Zanzibar plants are fantastic. They're low maintenance, and a rather forgiving plant if you don't water them too frequently.

A Zanzibar

3. Flowers

Otherwise, a bunch of fresh flowers on a weekly basis is enough to keep a home alive if you're not a plant person, and/or perhaps you want to mix things up a little around the home. You feel spoilt, and it is a fairly affordable way to keep your home inviting, and a joy to chill out in.

Some fresh roses

4. Diffusers

Quite fashionable and affordable. Diffusers are a great home fragrance in keeping your home smelling beautiful. If you buy them at a $2 or discount shop, you'll be lucky if a small bottle lasts you a week. Otherwise, department stores such as Myer and David Jones sell fantastic diffusers for the home. A large bottle can easily last you a whole year, and they only retail for around $40 each. If you're not into diffusers, and you prefer to burn some incense instead, the results will be a similar, yet maybe with a little more cleaning up to do to remove any burnt sticks.

Some top diffuser picks

5. Energy efficient globes

Not only does this smart invention save you cash wise upon initially purchasing for the home, however these light bulbs last longer, and they reduce your electricity bill. Lighter tones (bright white) are great for kitchens and bathrooms, while the darker white blends are better for the living room.

These light globes are so in vogue, and for good reason too.

If you come across any other reasons for livening up your home, then please feel free to share your top notch ideas with us.



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