Keeping Kids Entertained in the Home

Keeping Kids Entertained in the Home

Posted 2013-09-05 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Some cool kids graffiti street art in front of a family home. Thankfully its washable so to speak.

Great tips for rainy days, or just for those days where your little ones need to stay home from school for whatever reason. Perhaps the family budget could have been overstretched from an Easter show or a family day out too many, and hence there needs to be some time consuming activities for the kids to enjoy in the home available. There are some suggestions to get those creative juices flowing when planning such backup plans in advance.

1. Chalk

If they're allowed to, and only if allowed, your little ones will love being able to move away from the conventional blackboard and draw on brick walls, as well as on the street concrete. If is not a biggie, as chalk can be easily washed away with a hose, or in the case of street footpaths, raindrops reign indeed.

The power of the mighty chalk

2. The Wii

Great for all of us actually, although spending too much time using technology is not always healthy though. However, Wii has made the list. It's popular, and there are a variety of computer games to play. A positive thing about the Wii is that it promotes health and fitness through playing tennis, as well as dancing to music to name. Nearly every single home in Australia has a Wii (or similar) come to think of it.

The Wii indeed

3. Dogs

Taking them for a walk will take you outdoors, yet they're heavenly for the kids to play with in the home, together with cats. The choice leans towards dogs as they're more playful, and surprisingly, some dogs also love sitting on kids' laps more than cats do.

A kid friendly dog that poses in front of the camera, even when kids are around. He loves them.

Surprisingly, that same dog landed himself on the writers lap recently.

4. Stickers

Multiple uses here. If your little ones are leaning towards scrap booking aspirations, stickers will keep their little minds active for quite a while, depending on the supply of the sticky stuff. Great to apply stickers to various drawings and colouring in pieces of work to name. Of course, and ideally, no stickers anywhere else on home decor.

[iMAGE6 Some glittery stickers]

5. Make Up

For the little princesses and social divas to be, make up is a cool toy trend for primary school girls in particular. The other day, one painted the nails of an eight year old. A mother (being my older sister) was a little frustrated as soon as her two girls applied make up on at a dinner party after having a shower, and on a school night too. It's all fun and games everywhere.

Unleash the little make up artist within

If your kids have been entertained in the home by other means for hours on end (or almost), then please share by commenting on this article.



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