Decorate with Antiques Like a Pro

Decorate with Antiques Like a Pro

Posted 2016-05-24 by chloefollow

Nostalgia is a strong sentimentality for the past, but the most curious thing about it is that one can be nostalgic even about the era they never lived in. The list of symptoms for this curious phenomenon is quite long and one of the most recognizable ones is strong affection for antique and antique-looking furniture. Unfortunately, even though this love for past may be strong, not everyone can cope with making their entire home in this style. Luckily, this doesn’t mean they should give up on their passion for good. All they need is to learn how to decorate with antiques like they were professional interior designers.

Old and New

Those who claim that vintage and contemporary cannot go together either lack imagination or the ability to think outside of the box. There is no reason whatsoever why two items in same color or with similar ornaments wouldn’t match just because they were made half a century apart.

In fact, seeing how most antique furniture is made of wood, it is hard to imagine a décor color you cannot match it with. To put it simply, your antique wooden coffee table will probably go well along any modern sofa or armchair and all you need to do is use this knowledge to your advantage.

Shabby Chic is the Next Big Thing

What all lovers of antique design can rejoice about is the fact that shabby chic is huge in 2016 . This doesn’t mean just more freedom in your decoration but less work in restoration as well. If there are scratch marks or there is paint missing somewhere all you need to do is leave it be. The more authentic it looks the better. Now, some people even intentionally scratch or damage their new furniture to make it look shabby, but this is probably not what a true fan of vintage style would do. As we already stated, it is all about authenticity.

Walls to Match

Regardless of what you do with the design, walls are still going to be the largest surfaces in the room and as such, they will dominate the interior. Now, the only way to have antique walls is to never repaint them and this is too extreme and unaesthetic even for shabby chic. What you can do however, is make your wall antique-lookalike with the beautiful vintage wallcoverings . Sure, some people still prefer painting, but the fact is that wallpapers are cheaper, simpler and in this case even more appropriate solution to your problem.

Accessorizing Is the Key

You need to understand that focusing solely on walls and large furniture pieces may leave your home quite empty-looking. This is where you should turn to vintage accessories. The best thing about this aspect of decorating with antiques is that it will leave you with a lot of options open, as well as a lot of room for DIY projects. Here you can simply take an old window and turn it into a wall art, use jars to make custom wine-holders or just work on frames of your old pictures to make them more interesting. All in all, your only limitation is your own creativity.

Sure, it might be quite difficult to use these antique items in just the right way, but there is nothing more satisfying than succeeding at this. If there ever was such a thing as the law of decoration, it would be that you need to focus on what is pleasing to the eye and not what was made in the same era. This being said, with just a bit of effort, patience and aforementioned outside of the box thinking, nothing can stand in your way of creating a perfect home using antiques. There is nothing that will make the nostalgic in your happier.


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