Decor Tips Mixing Vintage and Modern

Decor Tips Mixing Vintage and Modern

Posted 2016-01-26 by zoe.ffollow

When it comes to visual art like decoration, no professional designer will ever say that one thing is clearly and indisputably better than another. We can agree to disagree on particular elements but giving definitive answers like “vintage is better than modern” or the other way around is something simply absurd. In light of this cognition, it would probably be for the best to simply settle for making your own style, consisting of elements belonging to different themes.

What you are going for is simply beautiful décor not lore behind it. In other words, if things look good together they are a match, not if they belong to same era. Along with this, here are some tips on how to successfully combine vintage and modern.

Scavenger hunting

The most interesting part about creating an environment for this décor in your home lies in finding all the items you need. Now, finding modern furniture pieces is not a difficult task but finding a perfect antique item can be quite challenging. This, even though quite fun, is in no way an easy thing to do. Still, where there is will there is always a way, so start visiting garage sales and flea markets in quest for your future.

Revamping the furniture

There is a trick here that you must learn how to use. When browsing goods never look at stuff as they are in present but as they could be if you did some work on them. In other words, what you are looking for are not furniture pieces but potential furniture pieces. Later, all you need to do is restore these items to their full glory . Even though will say that this is simply too much work, in the light of results, any effort or sacrifice are more than worth it.

Combined workstation

To start with your office, you can easily combine a traditional work desk with a modern office chair. Not only will the aesthetic impression be quite pleasing and entirely unique but also bring some practical advantages to the table. While still preserving vintage look of an office, you will enjoy all the comfort of a 21st century office chair, specifically made to nurture your back. These combinations are seldom as rewarding, but when a situation like this occurs, it is simply too good to be allowed to slide.


As for you bedroom, you have many options available. Still, your safest choice would be to go with an old fashioned closet or cupboard to fully round up the impression of combining vintage and contemporary. Furthermore, by adding a piece of tech like TV or even futuristic looking lamp on this cupboard, you will make an optic trick that will both confuse and at the same time mesmerize anyone who dares to gaze upon it. For maximum effect, add a nice oriental rug , and you will complete the image.

Focal Point

Another great idea would be to play around not only with choice but with positioning of your furniture as well. For example, it would be a good idea to choose one particular antique item and place it so that it serves as a focal point to the room. The contrast that it will make with rest of your modern furniture will make something really special out of the room. This can be anything from a coffee table to sofa. Another thing you could do, similar to what you did with the workstation, is set up a nice antique dining table and surround it with contemporary chairs .

Just remember one thing, in order to make something truly outstanding in your home, you shouldn’t be afraid to break some rules. Thinking outside of the box is not only recommended but often even necessary for one to raise above standards of mediocrity. Dream big, work hard and settle for no less.


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