A Homeowners Guide To Getting Your Bathroom Remodeled

A Homeowners Guide To Getting Your Bathroom Remodeled

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Whether you're remodeling the master bath or kid's facilities, this project is critical to household efficiency and overall selling value. You want an attractive space that allows everyone to get ready in the morning without a fuss, along with pleasing buyers as they visit at open house. As a savvy homeowner, consider some of the top remodeling choices before bringing in the local contractor.

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Interview Several Contractor Candidates:

Before you even commit to a contractor, interview and research at least four candidates. There are many companies that offer low prices, but poor quality. You need to find a quality contractor that balances price with workmanship. They should also share your vision of the perfect bathroom. If they have wild ideas that feel forced upon you, it's time to look for another contractor. In the end, the project is yours to enjoy. The contractor should respect your ideas and offer constructive suggestions to fulfill your dream bathroom. Friends and family often have great references to narrow down your search.

Consider Water Conserving Fixtures:

You'll be shopping for materials well before the project begins. Consider purchasing water-conserving fixtures. With today's modern manufacturing techniques, faucets, shower heads and even toilets conserve water through smart mechanical innovations . Although you'll pay slightly more for these models, you'll see a dramatic difference in your water bill. Over time, the investment may pay for itself.

You aren't relegated to unattractive designs either. Water conservation is widespread among the manufacturing industry, making many styles available for your bathroom. Try a waterfall shower head or a touchless faucet for your new design. You'll help the environment and save money simultaneously.

Bathtub Decisions:

You may love your old bathtub, but it's seen better days. It's time to weigh resurfacing with complete replacement.

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A resurfacing essentially refreshes the glossy coat, making it shine again. If you're trying to update the bathroom's look, however, resurfacing won't hide the old tub shape. Consider replacing the tub with a jacuzzi or even a shower stall. Because you're working on the rest of the bathroom, a complete replacement is often more cost-effective over the years. Resurfacing can be damaged or you may not like the tub's appearance along with the newly remodeled fixtures, paint and floor.

Counters And Sinks:

While you update your fixtures, take a look at different counter materials. Porcelain, granite, quartz and even glass are smart material choices for the bathroom. You'll need to work with your contractor to choose the material that works for your decor. New sinks usually accompany updated countertops to keep the bathroom's look consistent. Sink styles, shapes and colors are all choices you'll have to make. Overall, you want an easy-to-clean sink that complements the room's color scheme. Not all sinks are just pure white. You can add color, from a dramatic black to a refreshing pink.

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Venting And Lighting:

The bathroom must be functional when it comes to venting humid air. Even if the space has a window, it's smart to add ventilation to pull moist air from the area. Any air that remains trapped tends to condensate on walls, creating perfect habitats for mold and mildew. Add vents near the shower, tub and toilet, especially if they are separated by walls or doors. Keep the bathroom clear of spores and humidity with proper venting.

Your lighting selections are endless, but they often coincide with venting options. Shop with your contractor to find the right lighting style that is attractive and functional. You want to light up the space to shower, dress and accessorise yourself.

Flooring Choices:

Because of the wet bathroom conditions, many people still gravitate toward linoleum. However, there are several choices that still withstand constant wet feet. Tile, hardwood and even concrete are perfect selections in the bathroom. You can still choose linoleum, especially because today's designs make it look like tiles and wood. Your contractor can help you understand the installation cost when it comes to each material. Every bathroom has a different shape, making installation unique for each space.

From shower head styles to paint color selections, your bathroom remodeling project can be a streamlined and positive experience with some preparation and research. Remodeling today will pay off with a high bid during the selling process in the future.


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