5 Ways To Use Nail Polish

5 Ways To Use Nail Polish

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When you saw the title of this article you might have wondered why an article about nail polish is on a hub about the home. Nail polish can be used around the home as well as for decorating your nails. Perhaps you don’t use nail polish as a beauty product but it is still useful to have a bottle in the cupboard. Clear nail polish is particularly useful.

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Here are five ways to use nail polish:

1. Buttons
Put a dab of clear nail polish on the back and front of threads when you sew a button onto an item of clothing. The nail polish protects the threads and you are less likely to lose a button.

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2. Shoe laces
Sometimes shoe laces are too long and drag on the ground. Cut each lace to the desired length and dip the tip into a bottle of clear polish. Allow to dry. Now your laces will not fray.

The cut laces wont fray. Image Marie Vonow

3. Cans in the shower
Perhaps you keep a can of shaving cream or similar in the bathroom and the bottom tends to rust because of moisture. When the can is new coat the rim at the bottom with clear nail polish. This will protect it from moisture and it will not get rusty.

Protect the bottom of a can exposed to moisture. Image Marie Vonow

4. Plant labels
Clear nail polish also has its use in the garden. Perhaps you make your own labels for plants but the labels tend to fade or smudge. A coat of clear nail polish will protect your labels.

Clear nail polish protects home made plant labels. Image Marie Vonow

5. Keys
Coloured nail polish can be used on a key to quickly identify it from other keys.

Coloured nail polish makes it easy to find a particular key. Image Marie Vonow

Nail polish has a number of uses in addition to dressing up your nails.

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