5 Home décor tips if youre moving into a home from an apartment

5 Home décor tips if youre moving into a home from an apartment

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Changing over from an apartment to a house is a very meaningful step, it shows you've grown and have taken the next major step into a better life. Such a move sets the tone for your entire future, and though exciting, it can be potentially overwhelming if not carefully executed.

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With a larger property, you have, in addition to the extra space, an extra range of costs that were not in your budget before e.g. home insurance, lawn and house maintenance and upgrades, all of which add up to a pretty penny. Provided you make arrangements and factor these into your planning, there’s no reason you shouldn't be able to enjoy your new home, and the freedom and space you have to make it look exactly as you want.

1. Fill up on furnishings

Once you have gotten furniture removals services to bring your stuff and set it up in the new place, you’ll realize you need more furniture to fill the remaining space. Keep aside at least 40% of your monthly disposable income and invest in décor and furnishings – quality pieces that will last long and reflect your style for each room.

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If you can’t afford to do that, settle for just one quality piece per room and look for cheaper ways to fill out the rest of the space. For instance, you can buy quality second hand furniture, reupholster an old sofa to make it look new, source for items from family and friends who no longer need theirs etc.

2. Pick your décor theme(s) early

You can use sites like Pinterest to get inspirations and ideas to help you vamp up old pieces and make them look new and fab. Even before the actual move, research on ideas to style your new place to ensure you have a solid plan for the décor theme in each room or the entire house, depending on what suits you. Don’t just throw around pieces of differing styles.

3. Add a personal touch

The best part of moving to a new place is the ability to choose your own colours. Select bold shades for each room to inject life and match whatever furniture and decorative pieces you have there. You don’t have to paint the whole room; you can pick out one or two walls and then infuse splashes of that colour in your soft furnishings i.e. pillows, curtains, rugs etc.

4. Stock your kitchen

Coming from an apartment, you will notice your kitchen is larger. This is your chance to get those appliances and pieces you couldn’t before for lack of space. Don’t buy everything all at once; instead, slowly grow into your kitchen and buy stuff as they come to you, one at a time.

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5. Have a little garden

Outdoor space is another perk of being in a home. You need to budget for this: buying patio furniture, planting and maintaining a small flower garden out front, and maybe a vegetable garden in the back, if you’re interested. Make a list of what’s needed according to priority e.g. you’ll need a lawn mower upfront, but you can wait a little on the plants and flowers.

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