Turn Your Bedroom into a Romantic Paradise

Turn Your Bedroom into a Romantic Paradise

Posted 2016-02-25 by chloefollow

If there ever was such a place where romance should be allowed to run wild than it is most definitely your bedroom. This needs to be a magical place and the room together with everything in it need to be in accordance to this idea. Sure, you cannot always go to Bahamas whenever you wish for a romantic getaway, but after remodeling your bedroom in just the right fashion your will not feel the need to anyway. With this in mind, here are some tips on how to turn your bedroom into genuine romantic paradise.


The very basis of any design is choosing the right color. With a romantic bedroom , your safest choice would be to go with something soft and soothing. Amongst your best choices here are aqua hues as well as blue greens. Nothing can make your relax more than nuances of these amazing colors. However, if relaxing is not what you had in mind, but something bit more passionate, you simply cannot go wrong with cocoa brown or white enhanced with warm painted trim. Choosing the right romantic color, is but a first step. Still making this step right can make all the difference.


Next thing on your agenda should be the choice of the floor for your bedroom. Now in order to go for the most romantic setting you can think of, you cannot ignore hardwood. On the other hand, there are some alternatives even to this and your second safest bet would be to go with stone floor. Unfortunately, both of these solutions (however beautiful) are quite impractical, but where there is will there is always a way. What you can do about it is add a beautiful Zado area rug to your floor and make this problem go away. This will contribute to the room's warmth and coziness.


Even though natural light has no alternative, the truth is that it can seriously jeopardize the intimate atmosphere that you are trying to create. Because of this, blinds are a definite must, in fact, you can even choose them to match the rest of the woodwork in your room. As for the artificial lighting solution, this element is by far the most important for the overall atmosphere in the room. With this in mind, you can either go with downlights, chandeliers or even quality floor and table lamps. In fact, as long as you have the option to dim the light, any idea will do. Naturally, don’t forget to even resort to candles on occasion.


The list of furniture you will need for your bedroom is not that long but it is vital that you honor every single item there. When buying nightstands and closets, make sure that you envision them in your room and not only to buy them because you liked them in a store. Now, regardless of what direction your decide take with the rest of your furniture, the choice of the bed will naturally be crucial to this whole project. Going for a four post bed is always recommended, but when buying you need to pay as much attention to the choice of mattress . Finally, to make everything softer and more intimate you can never put too many cushions.

If what you aim for is to create a perfect romantic haven for you and your significant other in your own home, there is nothing standing in your way. Just remember one thing- what you are trying to create is not physical, it is an idea so any step that takes you in that direction is one that you should most definitely take.


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