Hints for Saving Money on Utilities

Hints for Saving Money on Utilities

Posted 2014-04-15 by Wendy Martinfollow
Bills....the dreaded mail nobody likes to receive. While utility bills are growing each year, families and individuals alike are looking for ways to save a bit of cash and cut down on expensive bills.

Save money off those everincreasing utility bills with some handy and helpful tips and tricks. All images courtesy of the Stock Exchange.

So while utility bills really add up in a hurry, especially during summer and winter months, you can cut costs and conserve energy too by following some of these simple guidelines.


  • Wait to do your laundry only when you have a full load and when you can, hang items out to dry to avoid using the clothes dryer.

  • Try to buy clothing that is permanent pressed or wrinkle free and hang it up promptly once it’s dry to avoid using an iron.

  • Cooking:

  • Avoid the temptation to keep opening up the oven door while baking. Your oven will only have to work harder to regain the heat.

  • Use the correct sized burner on your stove top to ensure the pot heats quickly and doesnt waste gas or heat.

  • If you can, bake more than one item in the oven at the same time.

  • Choose a stovetop burner that is the right size for your pot. One too small will mean you’ll need to heat longer and one too big means you might lose heat from the sides.

  • If youre baking more than one item try and bake them together if possible.

    Air Conditioning/Heating:

  • Keep curtains or window shades pulled during the part of the day when the sun shines directly into the windows in summer to avoid overheating. In Winter, extra sunlight can warm up the house a bit more for free!

  • Make sure that nothing is blocking your heat registers. Move furniture away from them to ensure they are free and clear to distribute heat effectively.

  • Lower your thermostat in winter or raise it in summer when you are away from home or out all day. If you have a fireplace, make sure the damper is closed when it’s not in use.

  • Close off any rooms you might not be using. No need to heat or cool them unnecessarily.

  • Water Heater:
  • Check and repair any leaking faucets,

  • When shaving or washing your face, fill the basin with hot water instead of letting it run.

  • Take shorter showers or even turn the water off while you lather the shampoo in your hair and turn it back on to rinse off again. You can save a lot of hot water (and water in general) that way.

  • Use the cold water setting on your washing machine.

  • When taking a bath, don’t fill the tub up all the way.

  • Following some of these easy rules will certainly make a dent in your utility expenses. Have you got a helpful hint? If so, please share them below.


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