What To Provide Your Overnight Guests in the Home

What To Provide Your Overnight Guests in the Home

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Dont do this to impress, but rather to help your overnight and longer term guests out.

When you say to a guest in your home: "make yourself feel at home," you need to really mean it. Sure, your family and/or friends, or even an external guest who may have found you on Airbnb would be grateful for cheaper accommodation, than what they would find at a hotel; however it is essential to provide such essentials when having your guests stay in your home for a night, or even longer.

Allow your guests to feel at home

This article covers the things that you need to take into consideration when you're having someone staying with you, regardless as to whether or not they are paying you any fees, board, or rent for that matter.

1. Cleaning and de-cluttering

Equally for your benefit as well. Any guest would hate to see dust particles in their bedroom/guest room, or worse, be sleeping on pillows and inside sheets with pet hair, and other bits of dirt or sand to name. Spend a bit of time on getting this right, and your home will really feel like a clean, fresh home all round.

Your guests will appreciate a decluttered, clean home.

2. The Essentials

Every guest expects fresh towels

Some essentials, apart from clean sheets and a comfortable pillow to sleep on:

  • A bunch of fresh flowers on their bedside table.
  • A cute, fashionable dish for their jewellery.
  • A bottle of sparkling water, with a beautiful, clean glass.
  • Magazines for them to read, and take home if they wish.
  • A "welcome to your home" card.
  • If they need a map, give them one.
  • Show them around your area/neighbourhood, so they know where to buy any fresh food, and to know where to use public transport from.
  • Offer to wash and/or dry clean their clothes.
  • A spare set of keys is paramount.
  • Show them how to use the shower and exhaust fans etc in the bathroom.
  • If they want to help contribute around the house, such as doing some of the cooking; allow them to do so if they wish.
  • Provide them some toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and body washes to name. Have plenty of spares on hand, together with a clean set of towels, and a face washer. You can buy these at supermarkets, and at department stores such as Myer.
  • If you have a lan line, and they need to use your telephone, allow them to. Also allow them to watch the TV if they wish.

  • Going above and beyond for your overnight and longer term guests in the home

    3. The Farewell

    A great idea (on their last morning with you) is to eat out and have brunch together at a nearby cafe, and tell them that you really appreciated having them around. Say your final goodbyes, and offer to drive them to the airport, or to the nearest transport stop, depending on the circumstances of their departure from your home.

    Thank and really appreciate them

    Have fun with this.



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