Turning Your Home into a Day Spa on a Budget

Turning Your Home into a Day Spa on a Budget

Posted 2013-09-25 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Easier than you think, if you really want this simple magic to happen in the home.

Don't get me wrong, day spas are absolutely fantastic; yet there is always something great about having a self-created day spa experience in your home. It is your time out. The great thing about having a day spa experience in the home is that you do not need to book ahead weeks in advance, and you can achieve similar results (with a bit more effort) without having to invest as much into some self care and nourishment. There are some simple ways to turn your home into a day spa on the cheap. All it involves is some planning.

1. The initial cleanse

Having a bath (or a shower, but ideally a bath) first and foremost is essential. You're cleansing. Soaking yourself in a bath (in particular) is rather relaxing. A bath bomb from Lush , or from a similar beauty retailer is a great investment. Begin with a spoonful of some bath crystals, and then add in the bomb. Even though this concept resonates more with the ladies, however the guys out there will also appreciate this indulgence. When selecting an ideal bath bomb, try to find one with some rose petals in it, and they'll easily spread with some bubble action. If you decide to have a shower instead; bring out your best loofahs to remove any dead skin cells.

A simple, blissful bath. Just as great as any day spa.

If you decide to have a bath, have a small plate of a favourite treat with you, of which can be rather healthy, like a chocolate dipped strawberry.

Do not be afraid to invest in some small white candles and/or tea lights, and scatter them around your bath and bathroom vanity. Doing this is an awesome way to unwind, and ideally in the dark.

While pampering yourself in your selfcreated home based day spa burn some candles.

A great iPhone app to download is called Koffee , of which comprises of a series of chill out songs with hardly (if any) ads to listen to anywhere. Such a great app to use when having a bath at home.

2. Massage

Use your favourite foot moisturiser to massage your feet, and then your hands. For those of you who had a shower instead of a bath; before you do the latter, it is ideal to soak your feet in a foot soak with some bath crystals thrown in. Your feet feel amazing afterwards.


3. Nail Care

After a decent bath and moisturising session; the time now comes to chop those nails, and it's much easier when your skin is feeling softer, and your nails are somewhat shinier. After chopping off, file them, and then you're ready to add your own nail polish. This can be done in any comfortable area of your home. Have a few bottles at hand, to make your home more of a day spa anytime, with greater choices at hand. Quality nail polish such as OPI comes recommended.

An abundance of little OPI nail polish treats at home.

4. Herbal Tea

With the likes of tea brands such as T2 , it is easy to create a quality brew with some fabulous teas, of which can be served in quality cups and saucers in fancy, floral teapots full of colour and life. A great way to unwind after a bath, and while you're waiting for your nails to dry, provided the tea was brewed a little in advance, and prior to the painting experience. Otherwise, you can organise some cool water with a lemon wedge, if you prefer something on the cooler side, while pampering yourself in the home.

You can do this

Enjoy yourself.



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