Top Things to Repurpose at Home

Top Things to Repurpose at Home

Posted 2013-09-20 by Paulinefollow
Last week, as I was cleaning the kitchen and sorting out things to go into the recycle bin, I instantly recalled a few inspirational article on transforming everyday household items and wastes into something useful.

As a result, it turned out that I've salvaged a handful of items to re-purpose for home organization and storage use.

  • IKEA Cork Trivet

  • Cork trivet to Message Board

    It has been sitting around the kitchen bench top for a couple of weeks now ever since I've got a new metal trivet but I was reluctant to throw it away. I decided to use it as a notice board to pin up important notes and reminders.

  • Bread bag tags

  • Bread tags to labels for cables

    Have you ever been frustrated with all the messy cables for your electronic gadgets and not knowing which cable belongs to which gadget? If yes, then bread bag tags to the rescue! These colorful plastic tags are perfect as clip-on labels for the cables. Now I can't wait to collect more of these tags for all the cables on my desk.

  • Toilet Rolls

  • Toilet rolls to cable management

    Don't under estimate these empty toilet rolls. Besides using it for art and craft projects, they are also useful for cable management. Use them for cable storage to avoid the common entangled cable problem.

  • Pasta Sauce Jar

  • Kitchen utensil holder

    Clean the empty jar thoroughly with soap and remove the label from the jar. There are plenty of ways to reuse the jar whether it's for storage, decoration, kitchen utensil holder, or even gardening.

  • Takeaway plastic containers

  • Takeaway containers to storage container

    Do you throw away the plastic containers from takeaway food once you've finish? Well, spend a few minutes to clean the box and it may well save you a few dollars to get your drawers organized. Reuse them to keep loose items such as batteries, coins and other knickknacks in place.

    These budget ideas are just some of the things you can recycle, reuse and re-purpose. Put old things to good use while saving some money and the environment.

    What other household items have you recycled?


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