Top Home Based Fitness Workouts

Top Home Based Fitness Workouts

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Many people love to workout at home

Having a gym at home is absolutely fantastic, albeit convenient. Even if you don't have a gym at home per se, there are a number of ways to achieve your exercise quota for the day, as well as in the comfort and privacy of your own living space.

Anyone who has lived in a modern apartment complex, would usually enjoy using the most common cardio equipment. Yours truly is referring to fitness equipment such as bikes and treadmills, without needing to worry about gym memberships, and without the unnecessary stress of ensuring that you arrive at an external gym at the right time before the crowds ensue. If you're fortunate to enjoy a common area swimming pool facility in your home to also share with your neighbours, then lap it up (no pun intended) as swimming is also a great form of exercise. In addition to swimming some laps in a pool, these are some of the top home based fitness trends in keeping fit and well:

1. Yoga

Ever so convenient. There can be a catch for many. You will need a little bit of space in your living room ideally. Maybe you might need to move your coffee table (temporarily) to allow space for your yoga mat. Greater knee support works with carpet, however if you have floorboards or tiles in your living space, you can still replicate the studio experience easier than anticipated. Once you have been to a few classes, you get to know how the sun salutations, downward facing dogs, and the warrior positions work for example. With a bit of practice, you will love the freedom to stretch whenever you need to in the home. Otherwise, investing in an instructional video is a great idea.

Yoga mat laid out, and ready for some serious flexibility stretches.

If you prefer pilates and/or some more core based exercises in the home, then this is still preferable. The pliates reformer beds are also fast becoming a home exercise trend.

2. Weights

These traditional dumbbell weights are fairly light and portable. The beauty about these weights is that you don't need to move a lot of furniture in order to increase your muscle tone in your biceps to name. Great to workout with both inside the home, and even if you wanted to head to the park for your morning feel good ritual.

So easy and portable

3. Kettlebells

So popular at the gym. Instead of lifting weights, many of us are opting for this new muscle tone alternative. Some gyms run small classes on using these weights, and such techniques can easily be replicated for the home when working out. A great indoor (more so than an outdoor) home based workout, and again, only if you know what you're doing. A great personal trainer can also assist.

Some kettlebells

4. Treadmills

Treadmills indeed, or some other form of cardio based equipment such as rowers and bikes pave the way for a great fitness workout in the home. Still popular in many homes. Ideal if you have a spare room for exercising, of which many householders reap such benefits. A great way to track your progress, and you know you're the only person using it away from any common area facilities in the home living space.

Control your tempo on treadmills

5. Fitball

Light and portable indeed. Great when working from home, and you'd like a break from the traditional office chair, and cause some movement while working in front of the computer. The latter use is simply an example, however there are many (and varied) uses to keep fit in the home with this clever fitness device.

Investing in a thicker mat, as opposed to a normal yoga mat is great for the following home based workouts as well: push-ups, sit-ups and crunches to name.

A common area gym in a highrise residential apartment complex

Do you currently work out inside the home at the moment? If so, what home based fitness workouts work for you? Please share.



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