Tips for Cleaning and Organising the Rooms in Your Home

Tips for Cleaning and Organising the Rooms in Your Home

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Spring cleaning has come and you need a plan. Sure, you can just go room to room and swipe at any piece of dirt you find, but you can be much more meticulous than that! You want to be sure that, once done with the home cleaning, your house will be spotless, refreshed and ready for the upcoming year. And why just clean it? You can also put your belongings in a new order so that you can greet the summer with a renovated look. Do not procrastinate, roll up your sleeves and get a move on, or you will miss the season.

Here are some tips you may wish to follow:

  • Do it one room at a time. Do not start cleaning everywhere and going from room to room – sometimes you could gather dirt from a room and then enter one you already cleaned, and the result is an extra room cleaning. Stick to one room until it is completely spotless, and then move to another one.

  • When starting with a room, take all the furniture in that room, and place it in the middle of it, or remove it from the room altogether. You will need space for a thorough cleaning, and that wardrobe will not let you manoeuvre much.

  • Start from ceiling to floor, and not the other way around. If you are done carpet cleaning, you should not start collecting cobwebs from above and dusting from shelves as everything you miss goes back on the supposedly cleaned floor.

  • Don’t forget power outlets. Sticky plugs are never a good thing to have around the house, so avoid all potential fire hazards by taking a cloth to the outlet.

  • All the equipment you need is: a duster, microfiber cloths, wipes, a vacuum cleaner, and medium-stiff bristled brush. Everything else is welcome, but not necessary to have a wholesome clean.

  • All the cleaning products you need you probably already have. If you want fewer chemicals in your house, spend extra cash for green house cleaning products which will do the same job, but will keep the environment clean and your house a healthier place. If you do not want any chemicals at all, and only want to use do-it-yourself cleaners, go into your kitchen and get the baking soda, salt, vinegar, and lemon juice. Use soda and vinegar to scrub everything and kill lingering odours, use salt on dishes and grime, and use lemon juice to disinfect and refresh.

  • You might want to repaint before you start cleaning. Think about adding new colours, or completely repainting the whole house. If those neutral colours do not do it for you anymore, get more vibrant colours to show your energy, or darker shades for a melancholic feeling. Personalise with colours all you want, just remember to consult with the people you live with about the colours you will pick.

  • Be careful when carpet cleaning . Many carpet cleaners may contain too much chemical and could discolour the carpet or ruin its piles. Also, the aforementioned brush is to take all the hairs from the carpet – if you have pets or long hair, you will understand why the second you make one stroke with the brush.

  • When sofa cleaning, check between the cracks of the upholstery. You never know what lost objects you will find there!

  • Think about reorganising the rooms. Along with spring cleaning, you might want to add a breath of fresh air to the rooms’ outlook by switching things around a bit. When you are done cleaning a room, you can use the fact that all the furniture is out from its usual place and think about a new place you can put it. Have one item placed in the middle of a room to make it a focus and organise the rest of the furniture around them. Think about every item individually and where you can place it for more practicality, or to please you aesthetically.

  • Cleaning is the perfect process to de-clutter some of your rooms. The kitchen is always one of the most cluttered rooms, and surely you can find a thing or two you do not need and will never use. Think about selling it or donating it, or simply throwing it away. Same goes with your attic or basement – clear them out and make a garage sale, or a huge donation to some home.

  • Speaking of de-cluttering, add a few racks and stands or shelves in the kitchen. These space savers will give you extra room to manoeuvre in when cooking. All the pans and pots will now have a new visible place as well, and so you will not have to look for every single one by going through the drawers every time you cook.

  • You can organise your wardrobe for the seasons to come as well. Take out the clothes, and place them with the farthest season to the back, and the current – at the front.

  • If there are any stains you cannot overcome, simply paint over them. No need to break a hand while trying to scrub at a stubborn stain when a stroke of the brush will fix it immediately.

  • Since you will be taking out everything from the rooms anyway, you might want to do something new with the rooms you are not using. That attic, for instance, can be used for something else besides storage for things you will never use. Use your imagination and make something new out of it, like an extra bedroom for guests, a play room, or, if you want to think eccentric, why not make a kitchen on the roof?

  • These are only some of the things you can do while home cleaning and organising. The alternative is always getting a cleaning company to do it all for you, and do regular visits to keep the new look.

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