The Tools and Order of Every Homes Cleaning Process

The Tools and Order of Every Homes Cleaning Process

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Some people are still lost when it comes to home cleaning. Sure, it is a long and trying process, and it can come off as very tedious, but nobody can argue that it is anything more than simple. That simplicity is what makes going through all your rooms and making them sparkle a fairly easy job as long as you are dedicated enough and approach everything – or at least this thing – with due diligence. There is no reason anybody should find him- or herself in a tight spot when house cleaning.

Where is the difficulty? Standing in the middle of the room, pondering where to start? Looking at a particular appliance and wondering how to approach it? A nasty stain is staring back at you from the carpet and you are unsure as to how to deal with it? All of these should be simple tasks that no home cleaner should find difficulty in.

All you need are the right tools, the knowledge of proper cleaning order, and, most importantly, just to have the will to get your home clean and simply keep it that way. Does not sound too hard, does it? But if you are still struggling with it all, here are some hints to help you through that spring cleaning.

The Tools

Duster, vacuum, mop, and a few cloths and/or sponges. This is basically all you need to clean your entire home, along with the cleaning products, of course. Oh, and maybe some newspaper for the windows, if you are a fan of the old school method - as explained here Cleaning windows the old-fashioned way

On the other hand, you can forget all those, and simply use a microfiber cloth. This new invention is what is keeping houses clean all around for the past few years, and saving you time while doing it. The microfiber cloth is a superior cleaning tool that requires very little in terms of detergents. It either needs to be dry when dusting, or moist when trying to get a stain off a surface. Cleaning products come in play only when there are specific surfaces or stains you need to get rid of – when oven cleaning, for instance. But otherwise the microfiber cloth is the one tool to replace all others in most of your cleaning endeavour – except the vacuum, of course.

You also have options when choosing cleaning products. You can go with the typical items from the store, or you can go with home cleaners found in your kitchen. Enter baking soda, white vinegar, salt, and lemon juice. They are healthy, harmless, they clean wonderfully, they disinfect, and, if applied to the source, they can get rid of any odour, and replace it with a fresh fragrance. These are the classic cleaners – the ones that have been around for hundreds of years, and have been – and still are – keeping households clean with efficiency. They are organic, and, most of all, they are green – no harm to the environment will be done, and you can be sure that you will have a safe and eco-friendly home.

Speaking of green, there are also green products you can use. They are a bit more expensive than the standard ones, yes, but they do make for a healthier household with zero carbon footprint left behind.

The Order

There is a specific order for everything, and cleaning is no exception. Starting with the bigger problem, you do need to have an order in which to deal with your rooms. If you start everything simultaneously, hoping to do a little bit of cleaning here, then a little bit there, you will only bring chaos in the house. This will prolong the process and will leave you with little room for anything.

Thus, you have to do your house cleaning one room at a time. And it is very vital to start with the bedroom and end with the bathroom. By doing so, you will immediately clean your own room and will have a place to rest after a hard day’s work without having to look for sheets and blankets for an uncomfortable sleep on the dusty couch.

And cleaning the bathroom last is vital, as that is the place where you will be doing all sorts of cleaning jobs throughout the whole process. What is the point of starting with the bathroom, and then doing your carpet cleaning inside on the clean tiles?

Cleaning the rooms has its specific order as well. Top to bottom is a rule you must adhere to. Don’t just vacuum your carpet and dust your shelves, and then proceed to clean the dirt, dust, and cobwebs off the ceiling. Where do you think the latter three will end? On your newly cleaned surfaces, of course. This is exactly why you should clean the top side of the rooms first and only after all the dirt falls down do you continue with the rest.

None of this sounds very hard, does it? Thorough home cleaning is merely a jest that takes a bit of your time when you have the proper tools and know the proper order. Don’t let it take too much of your time and be done with it as fast as possible so that you can move on to your favourite activities.

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