Stencil Concrete Your Home

Stencil Concrete Your Home

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Cobble Rosette stencil design on some of this concrete space

Gone are the days where a home exhibited plain old black charcoal in the home driveway. Plain white concrete in the front and back yards is also starting to fade fast, and especially with trendy stencil concrete designs coming into vogue. It is easy to spray on, yet you need to have the necessary equipment if this is a DIY home improvement project for you. If you prefer to leave this home improvement project in professional hands, Domcrete comes highly recommended as ideal spray on stencil concrete specialists. Stencil concrete is just as effective on either new or old concrete slabs. Ensure your concrete is sealed. To check whether or not your concrete is sealed, pour some water on top, and if the water absorbs into the concrete, then the concrete is definitely not sealed.


1. The equipment

Apart from the concrete and the concrete stencils, you will need (for an existing slab) a pressure washer and a sturdy broom, as well as a squeegie and a hopper gun. You will also need some blu-tack to lay the stencils down. Naturally, if there are any cracks, you'll need a crack filler. Other required equipment includes an air compressor, a floor scraper, a steel trowel, and some fancy concrete coating material.

Compliments any landscaping projects also

2. The process

Lay your stencils down, ensuring some blu-tack is used underneath to avoid your stencils from moving. Now it is time to colour your concrete using a hopper gun. Spray downwards and cover the entire stencil areas. This process is much easier on existing concrete, than if you were to pour concrete from scratch prior.

Allow some time for the new colour/s to dry, depending on the outdoor temperature. Once dry, remove the stencils carefully. Do not drag it across your newly coloured concrete. This will ruin the texture. The day after the colouring process, use the floor scraper to carefully (and gently) remove any loose debris in particular.

Not all concretes are created equally

3. Different types of concrete stencils:


  • Flagstone
  • Convict Brick
  • English Cobble
  • Keystone
  • Herringbone and Mediterranean Tiles
  • Diamond Tiles
  • Flanders Weave
  • Basket Weave
  • Rustic Brick
  • Cobblestone
  • Regal Tile
  • Brick
  • Random Bluestone
  • Block
  • Quarry, Large and Antique Tiles.

  • Features:

  • Star Compass
  • Rosette
  • Cobble Rosette
  • Diamond
  • European Fan

  • There are also various borders to choose from, as well as different colours in brightening up and adding value to the outdoor areas of your home. Designer colours include Pearl Lustre, Champagne, Latte, Lite Mocha, Chestnut, Silver Sands, Silky Oaks, Sage, Forest Floor and Alpine to name.

    A tile based stencil design after plain concrete

    Longevity is assured. You can paint over the stencils, yet it is better to use a hopper gun.

    All the best with this project.



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