Simplifying RoombyRoom Part 4 The Master Bedroom

Simplifying RoombyRoom Part 4 The Master Bedroom

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How do you see your master bedroom?

Obviously it’s the place where you - and perhaps a partner - sleep. Is it a romantic room? Is it a tranquil haven where you can go for some quiet time? Your immediate surroundings are the first thing you see when you open your eyes. How does your bedroom really make you feel?

Let’s face it; all the other rooms in your house are functional and accessible to everyone, but your bedroom – that’s your special place. That’s where you and your partner can (or should) be together without any interference from the rest of the family.

It’s all too easy to neglect this room as it is often the only one that you can shut the door on so that visitors won’t get to see inside. I used to be guilty of using my bedroom to hide the ironing pile or to store boxes of clutter when I had no spare room. I don’t do this anymore. I came to realise that I needed a room that was just mine and that made me feel happy and comforted.

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Here are some tips to help you enjoy your bedroom more:

  • This is the room where you should use your very favourite colours, regardless of what colour the rest of the house is.

  • Don’t be scared to use your imagination in style and design. No one will judge you for it- and who cares if they did? It’s your space - If you like the retro psychedelic look, by all means have it (as long as your partner likes it too!). I find that the white minimalist look makes me feel happy, (and this is one room where I can have white accessories and know they will stay clean.)

    Indulge your personal taste in artwork for this room. You will be seeing it first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so make it something worth looking at.

  • Only have the furniture you need and that’s useful for your own purpose. I tried the idea of having an armchair but found I was using it as a drop zone for things like clothes and handbags, so I removed it and put a rack behind the door instead.

  • If you keep a laundry hamper in this room, make it an attractive one. I use a white wooden one with louvered sides to allow air-flow. It looks like an attractive side-table.

    There are an abundance of styles of wardrobes available to suit every taste. I’m not a fan of built-ins but they have tons of storage if you need it. I like my little white wooden one, and it encourages me to only keep what is really necessary in there.

  • If you’re pressed for space in your bedroom, consider keeping your wardrobe in the spare room. I have done this in the past and it works well for me, freeing up space for what’s more important to me – my bookshelves.

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  • If you have a television in your bedroom (and I think that’s fine despite other opinions to the contrary), consider mounting it on the wall or installing a wall shelf for it. It frees up space and is more comfortable to watch if it’s higher. Most wall mounting brackets allow for tilting and swiveling.

  • I like to sleep with a soothing sound in my room. I used to have an air filter running, not necessarily for any other reason but that I loved the soothing hissing sound. I now have a pet turtle in my room and fall asleep to the sound of bubbling water from the tank filter.

  • Lighting in your room is also important. You should have good overhead lighting if this is the room where you do your hair or make-up. Otherwise the lighting should be soft and romantic. You can now buy dimmer attachments for your bedside lamp or standing lamp. If you like to read in bed but don’t want to disturb your partner, consider a book light. They are inexpensive and clip onto your book to direct light onto the page.

  • If you have a problem - as I do - with leaving your shoes on the floor (because you’re too lazy to open the wardrobe door), consider an under-bed storer. You can get one that’s quite shallow and rolls in and out easily. Roll it out, kick your shoes off into it and roll it back under. This also makes it really easy to find them again in the morning.

  • If your bed is too low to the floor, consider extending the legs. This can be done by nailing or screwing a small block of wood (or something like a door stopper?) securely to the bottom of each leg making sure it is strong enough to support the weight of you and your partner. Your local hardware retailer will advise you.

  • For those lucky enough to have an ensuite bathroom, make sure the lighting is bright enough for doing hair and make-up, but consider a plug-in nightlight so you don’t disturb your partner if you get up at night. You can buy LED lights that use very little power.

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  • If you like the idea of throw-pillows, by all means have them, but don’t overdo it. Throw pillows look great if they complement the décor and each other. If you have room for a storage box or basket, the pillows can go in to it at night, otherwise, perhaps a nice wicker basket or suitcase on top of a cupboard.

  • Most importantly for the master bedroom, is that the rest of the family needs to understand that this is your special space and it must be respected as such. Have a ‘must knock’ rule and maybe even a ‘do not disturb’ sign.

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