Selecting The Right Coffee Machine for the Home

Selecting The Right Coffee Machine for the Home

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A popular Nespresso coffee machine

In selecting the right coffee (or espresso) machine for the home, you don't need to be a professional barista in order to use one. Nor do you need to be sent off for any coffee training. However, in saying this, many coffee machine manufacturers do provide instructional videos and/or hands on demonstrations to ensure that you're using your chosen coffee machine correctly. There is an art to frothing milk. Just ask anyone who has ever made coffee for a living.

Enjoying espresso coffee in the home is no longer a pipe dream

For many people, investing in the right coffee machine for the home is everything. No more instant coffee, and no more percolators for you. A coffee machine also adds some style to any kitchen. Some factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right coffee machine for your home:

Let it all stack up in your favour

1. Measure up

Use a measuring tape, and measure up the space for your new coffee machine. All coffee machines are definitely not created equal. That way, you will know what sized coffee machine is right for your home. Furthermore, really think this decision through. Making your own espresso is convenient, and if you're someone who is particular about how your coffee is made, then you'll want to reap the benefits of either enjoying your own coffee, in tandem with some cafe society. Up to you. This will help you determine your coffee machine budget for starters. Steam driven machines are cheaper, yet the quality of the espresso in question isn't that great. Making your own coffee can be rather messy, and some coffee machines (from experience) aren't the easiest machines to clean either.

Ensure there is enough space for your coffee machine in the home kitchen

2. Pumps and Piston Coffee Machines

If you really want quality coffee on tap in the home, then you should consider purchasing a pump machine. Otherwise, if you know how to make a quality espresso, either as a barista, or if you have engaged in some barista training, then consider a piston espresso machine, similar to the commercial varieties.

A quality coffee machine

3. Other considerations

Apart from being a messy proposition, it is important not just to buy a particular brand of coffee machine for the home, just because you like that particular brand of coffee at a cafe. Ask questions, research, and attend as many coffee making demonstrations as you can. There is no need to learn latte art, however attending an introductory three-hour coffee making course would be a good idea if you're serious about investing in a coffee machine for the home, and serving coffee that your home visitors will love.

For Nespresso coffee machines

So much coffee choices around, for enjoying a quality brew in the home.

Still great to enjoy coffee outside of the home sometimes as well



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