Save Money at Home

Save Money at Home

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The cost of living is constantly on the rise. While there is little we can do about it, we can surely find ways to save on expenses and spend wisely on the basic necessities.

There are many simple things we can do at home to save money. It may seem very little at first but the savings do add up to several hundreds or thousands over a period of time.

Cook and eat at home

Homecooked food is cheaper and healthier

Eating out or ordering takeaway food can easily cost at least $10 per meal for one person. Cooking and eating more often at home will help to save on meals expenses without compromising nutrition value. In fact, it is a cheaper and healthier option. There are abundant cooking recipes on the internet or visit Recipeyum to start learning how to cook simple meals.

Grow your own vegetable and herbs

Fresh herbs from your own garden

Once you've learned how to cook, you may consider growing your own vegetable and herbs garden. Even if you have a small space, it is still possible to grow herbs in pots and containers. With just a few of dollars to spend on seedlings coupled with little time and effort, you will soon enjoy bountiful supply of herbs from your own garden.

Keep water warm in vacuum flask

Save energy with Thermos vacuum flask

Use a vacuum flask as part of your energy saving effort at home. A quality flask is able to keep the water warm for up to 12 hours, hence reducing the need to boil water in a kettle several times a day. It's worth to check out Thermos brand which seems to have positive reviews on Amazon. It comes in various sizes ranging from small to large.

Re-purpose and recycle

Make them useful

Save the environment and save some money by recycling everyday household items and re-purpose unwanted goods to something useful. For example, turning scrap cardboard from product packaging to drawer organizers, or empty bottles as vases. The options are endless and if you need some ideas, feel free to browse my previous posts on Howtoi and Homegenius .


Learn a trick or two on home DIY

It could be fixing small jobs at home or building a small furniture yourself whenever possible. For example, changing a simple door knob, sealing a gap or assembling a small furniture. Learn a trade or two for free from internet resources. Visit your local Bunnings warehouse every weekend for free workshops on various DIY topics. Having said all that, avoid attempting electrical repair or anything which you're in doubt. It's best to seek advice from experts.


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