Optimizing Wardrobe Space

Optimizing Wardrobe Space

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Insufficient wardrobe storage is a common problem in some households which results in a cluttered and messy closet. Every nook and corner becomes precious for small apartments or rooms with limited space.

Optimizing wardrobe space is the key to getting organized but before you proceed, it is highly recommended to spring-clean the wardrobe and remove unwanted items which consume the space.

There are several cheap and easy ways to maximize wardrobe space, for example:

Storage box

Storage boxes underneath clothes with shorter length

Storage boxes are great for organizing small items such as socks, shoes, and accessories. Place them underneath the shorter garments in the hanging area. Thus, it makes sense to hang clothes according to categories (e.g. tops and bottoms) in order to create additional space for storage boxes, luggage and more.


Spot for storing a full luggage

Luggage is not only great for traveling. It is also useful to store items which are not frequently used such as seasonal clothing, pillows and blankets. Staked smaller bags inside the bigger luggage to save space. As mentioned above, floor space underneath the clothes is perfect for storing small to medium sized luggage.

Double Rods

Double hanging rods

Utilize vertical space by installing double rods for hanging short clothing If you need more hanging space for tops or shorts. Note that it is not suitable to hang long dresses.

Shelving units

Shelf insert

Most wardrobe frame comes with adjustable shelving panels. Adjust the height according to your needs and get organized by placing baskets or alternatively, double your storage by inserting drawers. Drawers are useful to keep loose items in place and storing valuable items such as passports, money, keys and jewellery.

Wardrobe organizer

IKEA Wardrobe Organizer

If you need more shelf storage, consider buying a hanging wardrobe organizer from IKEA or any homeware stores. It is easily secured to the wardrobe hanging rod by strong velcro tape. I've got one from IKEA for over two years now and it is still holding strong even with heavy usage.


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