Minimalist Laundry Essentials

Minimalist Laundry Essentials

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Are you planning to set up a laundry room for the first time? or are you looking to reduce the clutter in your current laundry room?

The minimalist laundry essentials list may give you an idea of what to buy, keep, or do away with. It is especially helpful if you have limited space, or simply do not want to spend a lot for laundry.

1. Laundry Basket / Hamper

Laundry basket

While you don't need that many baskets to hold and sort your clothes, keep at least two two of them. One for dirty clothing while the other one for clean clothing. Avoid using the same basket to reduce the spread of germs by separating the clothes in two baskets. You can sort the clothing for washing by picking them one by one instead of adding more baskets to a small room.

2. Washing Machine

Washing Machine

It is the most important item you need for laundry unless you are washing by hands. Research and compare on a few models as well as the different features before buying one. There seems to be more advantages of using a front loader versus a top loader machine in terms of water and energy savings as well as the lifespan.

3. Detergent

Frontloader machine

Buy the appropriate detergent based on the type of washing machine you have. for front loader or top loader. As opposed to top loader machine which can use most of the available detergent in the market, options are limited for front loader machines.

4. Clothes lines

Clothes Lines

You will need at least clothes lines to dry your clothes if you do not have a dryer. In my opinion, dryer is only a necessity when you live in an enclosed surroundings with no place to air dry your clothes such as apartment units. By using clothes line, you can save energy consumption substantially. Check the weather and time your washing early in the morning so that your clothes will dry up by the end of the day.

5. Foldable drying rack

Foldable drying rack

It is useful for both indoor and outdoor use. Continue to dry your clothes indoor if they are not completely dry out during the day. The foldable feature allows the rack to be stored away when not in use.

6. Pegs

Plastic pegs

This is a must to prevent the clothes from flying away while drying on the lines in case of windy condition. They are usually made of plastic or wood. Note that plastic pegs tend to get brittle and crack easily compared to wooden pegs which are sturdier.

Are there other things that you would regard as laundry essentials?


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