Keep Fresh Produce Longer

Keep Fresh Produce Longer

Posted 2013-09-17 by Paulinefollow
How often did you throw away fresh produce which had gone bad before you could use them? Well, I must admit that it happened to me frequently since I only shop once a week to stock up for a week's worth of food.

After much reading and experienced advice from family and friends, I've tried out several ways of effectively storing different perishable foods to keep them fresh longer.

Here are some of the popular fresh produce and the methods to store them properly.

1. Onions


Onions need to be stored in a cool and dry place. Use wire basket or containers that allow air circulation to prevent moisture which eventually leads to sprouting and rotting bulb.

2. Potatoes


Potatoes and onions don't mix well together. Store them separately in well-ventilated baskets or containers. Both produce gasses that will cause each other to rot faster when they are stored together.

3. Bread


Storing bread in the fridge helps to prevent the growth of fungus if you can't consume it within the expiry period. The bread will last longer in the fridge.

4. Mushroom


Avoid plastic bags when storing mushrooms. Use paper bags instead because it helps to absorb excess moisture and keep the mushrooms from getting moldy. Paper bags are readily available for customers in most supermarket. If they've been pre-packed in plastic containers, try to repack and store them in a mesh bag or paper bag.

5. Ginger


Ginger can last a long time when stored properly in the fridge. Simply put unpeeled ginger into a zip-lock bag or plastic bag and seal it tightly. Make sure it is dry before storing in the fridge.

6. Herbs


Whether it's basil, cilantro, parsley, coriander or other fresh herbs, they wilt and dry up very quickly. To keep them fresh, snip the end of the stems off and submerge the stems in a small jar. Cover the leaves with a plastic bag and store the herbs in the fridge. Alternatively, you can also dry the leaves to make dried herbs or herb infused-oil.


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