How to Increase the Life of Your Heating and Cooling Systems

How to Increase the Life of Your Heating and Cooling Systems

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Everyone’s heating and cooling system plays an important role in providing a comfortable environment; it is after all your home. As these systems take care of your wellbeing after a long day’s work to spend quality time with the family, it’s important to ensure they keep on running for as long as they can.

Here are some handy practices to ensure your home is cooled or warmed effectively:

1. Replace the Filter Regularly

This may seem trivial, but the truth is that the air filter plays a vital role in heating and cooling systems. It ensures the air is clean and healthy by trapping dirt, dust, smoke particles, pollen, allergens, fur and much more. However, it gets dirty and clogged up after a period of time. This leads to the machine working much harder as it tries to force air through the worn-out filter. It also becomes less effective as a lower amount of clean air is able to pass through it. Such problems can be dealt with by changing it regularly.

2. Proper Sealing of the Ducts

Many people complain of increased energy costs and unreliable performance over time. A closer inspection normally reveals that the heat or cold air is leaking through gaps or joints. Due to this the heat pump or central air conditioner has to pump more air to compensate for the losses. This then leads to increased energy consumption. Professionals should regularly inspect the ducts and seal any leaks or gaps. They should also make sure it is properly insulated. A well-sealed and insulated system improves efficiency approximately by 20%.

3. Proper Servicing

You send your car for servicing to get better fuel mileage, peak performance, and a smoother ride. Did you know the same applies to your cooling or heating system? Tuning involves ensuring that every part of the system performs as expected, the thermostat kicks in at the appropriate temperature, the tertiary heat exchanger is responsive, the condenser unit should condense the refrigerant accordingly, and the compressor providing the right compression. The service is recommended to be done annually.

4. Regular Cleaning

The heating or cooling system gets dirty after a while. Dirt gets lodged in different sections such as the radiator, filter, vent opening/grille, thermostat, and other areas. Too much dust or dirt limits the volume of air that passes through the filter. It also affects the operation of the thermostat. In addition, it affects the quality of air, and also increases energy consumption. These factors contribute to premature aging and at times failure. Cleaning the heating and cooling systems regularly is another routine that should be adopted.

As time progresses you may find that your brand new heating or cooling systems start to provide unreliable heating or cooling, and may even start to consume more energy. Poor handling, accidents, natural wear & tear also contributes to the aging of your system. Nonetheless, by adopting the above practices, you can extend the life of your heating/cooling system. Finally, by engaging the services of an experienced and reputable firm that has been offering cooling and heating solution, you can also ensure your system has a long lifetime.

Author Bio:
Oscar Cardenas , who hails from Melbourne, is one of the Directors at All Climate Solutions and an authority when it comes to advising and implementing heating or cooling solutions best suited to your needs. With years of experience in the industry, he has deep knowledge of various products in the market and can assist in projects of all sizes.

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