How to Hang Swag Curtains in 6 Easy Steps

How to Hang Swag Curtains in 6 Easy Steps

Posted 2014-06-05 by deepfollow
Windows are the real face of your room therefore, you can’t afford to leave these windows without curtains at all. However, if you adorn them with proper combination of drapes and swag; there is nothing else that could charm your guests better.

Flowing swag curtains is the new style of embellishing home décor. Whether it’s about your room window or the giant common area window, swag window drapes look graceful with soft folds around the top and side of the windows. It not only enhances the window’s outlook but adds that extra zing to the room décor. In this write-up you will learn about how to hang curtains in 6 simple steps. Read on without further ado.

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Components required:

1. Scarf holder
2. Decorative hooks
3. Fabric
4. Paper

How to get started:

- Build the framework: Fix decorative hooks or a scarf holder above the upper corner of the window frame. If you like an arched look; you can attach an additional hook above the center point of your window frame.
Get your stuff ready: Iron out your swag with a warm iron and let it cool for some time. After it has been cooled place the curtain on a flat surface.

- Give it into the shape: Now start to fold your curtain back and forth, start from the fish tail side, to resemble a Japanese fan or accordion. You can give variety to the folds by trying different widths of the fold as per your liking.

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- Keep the fold in place: Support the folds with paper stripes. Cut down two or more paper stripes and place them around the folds so that they may remain in place. Try tying the paper band without creasing the fabric of the swag.

- Seek assistance: Ask your friend or anyone around you to help you bring about the curtain to the hooks you had placed above the corners of the window. Make sure the fabric is not damaged during the process and that it remains off the floor. Now you have two options: you can either insert the fabric through the holder’s hole or rest it on the hooks. Once it’s done, cut away the paper bands

- Time to fix it in place: The final step is to arrange the swag in a manner that the drooped section of the swag hangs to the preferred depth in tune with the window frame. Now gently pull the uppermost line of the swag to form a straight line across the top. Now stand back at some distance from the window in order to look at the symmetry of the two trails of the swag hanging from the either corner of the window. In case you prefer the asymmetrical outlook then you can pull down one fishtail end a little more as compared to the other end. If you are looking to purchase curtains online, I would recommend my friend’s site FabricWorkRoom for swag and curtain
This is how the whole process of hanging swag gets completed. But, having said that your work is not finished yet; these curtains demand a special care and should be far off from the reach of kids.

Wash them once in a month so that they do not become dust laden and ugly. You can keep changing the pattern of the swag by trying different pattern of folds. An array of different colours of drapes enables us to experiment with the theme of our room décor.

Moreover you can go a little off-track and do something bold, by experimenting with different fabrics.

So what are you waiting for, go shop for the fabric and get started with your personalized home décor.


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