How to be a Good Neighbour

How to be a Good Neighbour

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Good neighbors can potentially result in lifelong friendship and they can also be a major contribution to our lives in terms of happiness, health, and peace.

While understandably we may not know all our neighbors (especially those living in apartment units) given the busy life we lead being outside of home most of the day, we should still strive to our part as a good neighbor whenever possible.

1. Say Hello

Greet the neighbors

Introduce yourself if you are being new in the neighborhood. Greet the neighbors and strike conversations with them when you meet. A simple gesture such as smile or wave goes a long way in creating a harmonious environment.

2. Be Considerate
Whether it is playing music, or doing machinery work, it is important to consider the noise level and the discomfort to the people at the surrounding. Let the neighbors know before hand if you are having a party.

3. Contain garbage properly

Garbage management

Avoid missing the collection day and throw the rubbish on time. Garbage attracts all sorts of bacteria and germs which may bring harm to your family as well as your neighbor if not properly managed.

4. Maintain the garden

Trim overgrown trees and branches

Trim the lawn and overgrown trees or branches regularly. Poorly maintained garden are unsightly to the neighbors which may create problems in the long run.

5. Extend your invitation
Invite your neighbors to the party if you are organizing a BBQ, birthday celebration or get together. It helps to strengthen the neighborly bond and create opportunities for you to know more about the neighbors through interaction.

6. Watch out for each other

Keep an eye on neighbors property

Help one another to keep an eye on the properties. Inform a trusted neighbor in case you will be out of town for a period of time so that they can help to collect mails or attend to any needs. Offer to do the same for your neighbors if you know they will be away from home.

7. Manage your pets
Barking dog is an annoyance to the neighbor especially at night. Take the necessary measures to manage and care for your pets.

8. Be nice

Lovely souvenirs are thoughtful gifts

If you just came back from a vacation overseas, show your appreciation to your neighbors who have helped to look after the house with some souvenirs. It doesn't matter big or small but it's the thought that counts.


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