Home DIY Protective Equipment

Home DIY Protective Equipment

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Before the start of any home DIY improvement project and renovation work, it is important to ensure your safety by wearing the appropriate protective equipment. This is especially crucial when handling power tools and sharp objects.

Here are some of the most basic protection gear to consider for home DIY projects:

Tinted eye protector

1. Goggles
It is recommended for brushing, cutting, sanding, and spraying job as they protect the eyes from dust particles, chemicals, chunks of metal, wood, concrete and others. The goggles must be made of shatterproof material to keep sharp objects from hitting the eyes. Tinted protective eye wear is suitable for outdoor work to filter UV ray and sunglare.

Ear plugs, source www.bunnings.com

2. Earmuffs / Ear plugs
Ear protectors are essential to prevent ear damage from extreme noises. Safety earmuffs or ear plugs should be worn whenever work involves drilling, grinding, mowing, sawing or simply when the environment is too loud.

Not Recommended Slippers

3. Safety Boots
It is strongly not advisable to wear slippers or open-toe shoes while doing renovation work at home.

Safety Boots, source www.masters.com.au

A pair of good safety boots is probably a worthwhile investment to protect feet from falling objects. Certain boots have features such as antistatic properties, heat penetration, and electrical resistant.

Safety Gloves

4. Gloves
Choose and wear the right gloves for different work applications. It allows better grip while providing coverage for hands against abrasion, cuts, and tear. Do remember to read the application labels and use the appropriate gloves.

Not Recommended Spot the errors

5. Adjustable work bench
Workbench is necessary to carry out DIY work safely and ergonomically. The adjustable height allows you to work in standing or seated position. It also has clamping features to hold wood, metal, etc. and let you work with both hands.

Apart from the list above, there are many more protective equipments for various applications. If you are unsure of what to use, it is best to always check with the staffs from your local hardware stores.


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