Getting your kitchen cupboards in shape

Getting your kitchen cupboards in shape

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If you're anything like me, life gets so busy that your kitchen cupboard ends up getting out of control and before you know it, it looks like a bomb has hit it.

Does your kitchen pantry resemble this mess

A neat, clean and tidy pantry makes every activity in the kitchen so much easier - everything from cooking a meal, writing a shopping list or packing your shopping away is much more efficient when you have an organised pantry. Below are a few ideas to get you motivated and moving in the right direction for the illusive kitchen nirvana.

Step 1: Admit you have a problem
Like anything, you need to stop and admit your pantry needs an overhaul. I have known for sometime that my pantry needed some TLC, it was just a matter of allocating the time.

Step 2: Remove the entire contents of your pantry

Remove everything from your pantry and place into groups on your kitchen bench throw out anything that is out of date.

Use this step to throw out anything that has crept past it's used by date or has not been stored correctly and gone off. Be ruthless.

If there is anything you know you won't use, but it is still in date - why not donate it to a charity, rather than throwing it away?

With the remaining items, place them in groups on your bench eg: all cans together, all breakfast cereals together, all sauces together - you get the drift.

Step 3: Wash down your shelves

Start with a clean slate.

Use this overhaul to create a clean slate. Cleaning down the shelves will remove any sticky residue or crumbs that have snuck their way out of your packets and jars and leave you with a blank canvas to create your new pantry oasis.

Step 4: Restack your pantry
It's now time to restack your pantry, however to avoid the problems you have encountered in the past - stop and think about where you place each group of items.

Put the items you only use occasionally at the back of the pantry and place the items you use everyday at the front. Keep your groups together and where possible remove products from bulky packaging.

Decant any packets into containers, where possible.

If you have multiple boxes, containers or jars - try to condense them down into one container.

Identify where you have multiple of the same item and try to condense into one container where possible.

Or, if you know they are going to be used shortly, divide them up into portion size and wrap with glad wrap - this makes for a great grab and go snack and will reduce the bulky items in your pantry.

Prepack into portion sizes if you know they will be used in the near future and they wont fit into the main container.

You'll be surprised how many snap-lock fasteners will be free-up in this process and we all know how handy they are!

A handy byproduct of your newly organised pantry

Step 5: Stand back and admire your masterpiece

Tah dah a neat, clean and tidy pantry.

That's all there is to it. I was able to get this pantry in shape this morning in about an hour and half. Short term pain for long term gain.

In doing so, I was also able to make more space in my pantry that enable me to bring back items from my 'overflow cupboard' and this is now used for its intended purpose of big, bulky items.

My overflow pantry is now used for its intended purpose of housing bulky items.

This process also inspired me to get my baking cupboard in shape too - it must be contagious.

My baking cupboard has been whipped into shape as well.

Have you been inspired to whip your kitchen into shape? Keep us updated on your adventures in the development of your kitchen nirvana!

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