Get that Designer Look with Replica Furniture

Get that Designer Look with Replica Furniture

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Finding interesting quality furniture is quite difficult these days, especially if you’re on a budget. We all want to have a few nice furniture pieces dotted around the home to achieve that unique look. Most people build up their furniture collection over time, but if you’ve just moved into a new home this isn’t always an option.

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If you want a good quality designer furniture being sold at an affordable price, you can always settle for replica furniture. Many people love having designer furniture, although the purse strings are often a little tight to splash out on such an expense. The good news is there are many furniture shops nowadays that offer beautiful replica furniture items at reasonable prices, you just need to know where to look!

Spending Less, Getting More!

The most obvious (and most attractive) benefit of buying replica furniture is the price. It looks exactly the same as the original designer’s piece but is often less than half the price! This gives you the opportunity to buy a whole new dining set instead of just purchasing one expensive chair.

Well-built replica furniture also possesses the highest standards of modern technology. It’s beautiful, affordable and durable. It can be adjusted according to your room requirements and you can order as many replicas as you need to fill the space. Whether you’re redesigning your living room or your kitchen, taking advantage of replica chairs, tables and sofas can let you up style your whole space for less!

Many replica furniture warehouses offer many different sizes and colours for every piece they stock making choosing the right piece easy (or hard if you’re like me and want everything!) The required size can also be negotiated with the manufacturer for larger items.

When it comes to delivery, if it’s in stock you’ll get it as soon as possible. All it takes is identifying a reputable replica furniture shop that can provide you the great service and guarantee good quality products. My go to replica furniture warehouse is Glicks Furniture in Waterloo, Sydney. They have the best quality replicas I’ve come across and also have everything catalogued and available for order online making the whole process super easy. If you like to see your furniture before you buy it, jump in the car and mark a few spots on Google Maps. It’s actually quite a fun day hunting for your newest edition to your collection!

Designer's Ambiance

Most buyers of traditional or replica furniture already have a unique style of decoration in their home. Having a traditional piece of furniture in your living room creates a nice ambiance when surrounded by modern furniture made from light timbers such as cherry, satin wood, yew, maple, oak and ash.

Modern interiors that appear minimalistic can be transformed into a softer and more homely environment with the addition of the odd piece of furniture with a traditional touch.

If your space has traditional decoration already in place, a warm ambiance can be achieved with a quality replica furniture piece like an Eames chair. Simple classic furniture will add flavour to any space and in most cases provides a historical feel to your interior.

Long-Lasting Style

Another reason why a good quality reproduction of classic designer furniture is a must-have is that the style of these particular pieces will not date, as they have already passed the test of time. A replica's design will be as good as the original and it will hold some of its value through the years of continued use, especially if the quality is high and the design is profound. And who knows, maybe this furniture will be considered antiques of the future similar to the pieces created in the centuries past.

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Good Ol’ Replicas

Many modern replica pieces manufactured these days are just as well built as the originals they mimic. Top-notch manufacturers have already mastered creating replica pieces to retain the construction techniques of old-age furniture creations and as almost everything is made in China nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if they only difference between a lot of them is the price tag!

So I’ll finish with this, if the copy is so good only the discerning eye can tell the difference does that make it as good as the real thing? I know what my piggy bank’s answer is!


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