Food Treats for Visitors and Guests

Food Treats for Visitors and Guests

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An abundance of chocolate

Food for thought, pun intended. Your home is an expression of who you are, and when you're proud of your domain, you'll usually invite guests/visitors around. This article is dedicated to those times when you have guests over for a couple of hours at any time of day, without the need to accommodate a formal dinner or lunch situation. As an expression of who you are in the home, you'll want to make your guest/s feel welcome with some quality treats. Gone are the days where guests and visitors in the home are provided with plain black tea and butter based biscuits in many homes. Up the ante indeed.

1. Chocolate

Not just any type of chocolate. You'd want to serve chocolate that has been tempered properly, and chocolate that spells quality and luxe without needing to lash out on expensive, quality brands of chocolate like Godiva , unless you really want to. The Lindt Lindor balls work a treat. Your guests only need one or two in order to feel satisfied. Put them in a bowl, and place them in the middle of your dining room table. Otherwise, a couple of chocolate dipped strawberries and other fruits (if purchased the same day) are also fantastic, and are to be served straight from the fridge. Chocolate products such as Lindt are designed to be served at room temperature at 15 to 20 degrees celsius to avoid melting and becoming white where blooming/chocolate shock occurs. Do not mix chocolate with garlic, onions and perfumed soap as the cocoa butter (the rich, creamy flavour) in chocolate absorbs odours easily, and hence the quality flavour will diminish.

Chocolate dipped fruits

2. Tea

With the surge in popularity in tea stores such as T2 , tea has suddenly become fashionable. Some teas are known to detox, and it is great to have a vast array of different teas to offer your home visitors. If they're wanting some loose leaf tea, remember to have all the accessories you need, such as the diffuser ready. The 'Great Gatsby' era is taking on a vengeance with a great array of floral teapots as chic home ware items for the home as well.

Some great teas to provide your home visitors with

3. Champagne

A glass of champagne is different, and a glass of Yellowglen or Moet is great with a simple plate of wafer biscuits and dips, with or without some antipasto treats to enjoy with your visitor/s.

Have some champagne on hand just in case

4. Jam

Have a great array of gourmet jams, especially when you wish to treat your guests to a piece of gourmet toast, and for some people, jam is also great with croissants.

A variety of different jams

Other great treats to provide your home visitors and guests include gourmet cookies from Cookie Man and Byron Bay Cookies . If there are any other treats that you would like to provide your home visitors and guests apart from Tim Tams (even though they're delicious), then please share by leaving your comments where appropriate, where all other home lovers can benefit.

Most importantly youre also treating yourself.



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