Essential Hardware Tools for the Home

Essential Hardware Tools for the Home

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Too much to think about. Keep a simple tool kit.

There is absolutely no need to be concerned, and you don't need to have that macho manliness feeling about you either, when it comes to knowing the essential tools for your home tool box. Whether you're someone who loves to spend a glorious Sunday afternoon in a hardware store, or perhaps you just want to head to the cafeteria in a similar store, it does not matter. You can still be a home genius when it comes to having that tool kit all stocked up. You don't need to be a 'handyman' as such. Having such tools available at hand is ever so helpful.

1. Hammer

Absolutely essential. The size of the hammer depends on the complexity of the job. Many guys have quite a few hammers in their tool box. The heaviest of the hammers available on the market are actually quite portable, and won't add any unnecessary weight to your toolbox at home. You need a hammer that balances well in your hands, otherwise it might feel like your hands are falling off when using. No different to when buying golf clubs. Fantastic for decorating the home, especially when it comes to hanging up objects on the wall.

A good hammer and tool kit for the home is worth its weight in gold.

2. Screwdriver

This tool has been around for generations, and is especially handy when it comes to assembling furniture for the home. Have a few flathead screwdrivers of different sizes in your tool box. Screwdrivers are fantastic when it comes to prying out broken light bulbs in a light socket, as well as for tightening screws on coffee tables and similar wooden objects in the home. You never know when some outdoor chairs become loose, and usually at the least expectant time.

High tech tools are also worth it

3. Cordless Drill

Handy for when assembling new furniture, and for repairing items around the home. Great for drilling holes, and for driving screws with a lot less elbow grease. There are drills on the market with voltages of up to 18 volts. From experience, 12 volts is ideal. The latter level of voltage enables enough power without being overly heavy. Ensure the drill enables multiple use speeds, and has a reversible facility, so you can unscrew that family cubby house (for instance) in case things get awry, and don't go according to plan.

Be prepared

4. Saw

Great for woodworking, and when you need to trim off a few branches of a tree, whether you've decided to paint the backyard fence, or landscape the entire garden to name.

The mighty saw

Other must have hardware items for any good tool kit also include a measuring tape and pliers.

Who would have thought hardware tools for the home would be quite fashionable



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