DIY Drawer Organizer

DIY Drawer Organizer

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A cluttered drawer is not only messy but it also makes things hard to find. Here's where a drawer organizer will help to put things in place. You can usually buy it from any home ware stores.

If you are on a tight budget and you're not willing to spend too much ( $ x no. of drawers), you may consider making drawer dividers/compartments using recycled cardboard.

You will need to have the following tools:
1. Pen knife
2. Thick cardboard
3. Ruler
4. Pen / Paper
5. Double-sided tape / glue

Measure the drawer

Firstly, measure the dimension of your drawer and draft the design of the compartments you want to store your belongings. You can have multiple compartments in a drawer and customized their sizes accordingly.

Recycled cardboard

Gather thick cardboard from product packaging such as furniture, cereal boxes, etc.

Two rectangle strips for one compartment

To make one compartment (without base), you will need two strips of rectangular cardboard (as shown on the photo above). Cut them to the size of your requirement and then fold the sides according to the width, length and height.

Strips for multiple compartment

Continue to cut all the strips for the compartments you have planned and fold the sides of each strip. Make a small marking for each pair so that you will not get confuse with different compartments.

Joint the strips

Pick one strip from each pair and stick the double-sided tape on both ends. Joint two strips together by overlapping the folds on the sides resulting in double layers (refer to the image). This helps to make it sturdier. Continue to joint the rest of the pairs until finish.

Arrange the compartments together in the drawer

Arrange all the compartments together in the drawer. Prior to that, you may cut a piece of drawer mat to layer the base of the drawer.

Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, secure the compartments together by clipping them together with paper clips or glue them together. If all the compartments fit perfectly in the drawer and does not have room to shift, then it's fine to leave them.

Now, you can start to fill your belongings in their designated compartment and stay-free from a cluttered drawer.


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