Dinner Party Entertaining

Dinner Party Entertaining

Posted 2014-06-09 by Wendy Martinfollow
While entertaining doesn't require an occasion, it can be fun to plan to host a dinner party or home BBQ as a 'get together.'

The great Aussie BBQ is likely one of the most common home entertaining scenarios, but winter months can be a great time to entertain indoors as well. Image courtesy of Freeimages.com

If you're planning on hosting a group of friends or family, here are a few things to consider:

  • Planning your party around a theme can be a fun option. Even if you aren't themeing the event, think of sporting events, anniversaries, a birthday or anything that could be an excuse to entertain.

  • Decide on the number of guests and whom you will invite. Think about combinations of personalities- two enemies at the same party won't be much fun for anyone there. However, really interesting parties can often include people with varied backgrounds.

  • Celebrations such as birthdays, graduations or anniversaries can be a great excuse to entertain. Image courtesy of Freeimages.com

  • Schedules are busy these days, so invite guests well in advance. Invite them at least 10 days or even up to a few weeks ahead (if it's a special occasion). Be specific in your invite regarding the event purpose (if there is one) food and dress (if you want a specific attire). Be sure to include the time and your address.

  • Have the house in order well before the party so you can focus on food and hosting when guests arrive. Plan enough food and beverages so you won't run out and make sure to have non-alcoholic beverages available for guests to aren't drinking or who are driving home.

  • Choose a variety of foods, but don't wear yourself out trying to outdo your favourite celebrity chef! Plan foods that fit the weather, guests likes and eating habits/allergies.

  • Remember to always plan and prepare as much ahead of time as possible to make the event stress free and enjoyable for all. You also don't want to be spending the entire night in the kitchen.


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